Vancouver Division of Family Practice

Board of Directors

Dr. Fiona Duncan, Board Chair

Dr. Duncan is a family physician at Chaldecott Medical Clinic where she has practiced since 2002. Graduating with a BA and an MD from UBC, she moved east to Thunder Bay for residency in McMaster’s Rural Family Medicine Program, returning home to Vancouver in 2001. In addition to her own private practice, Dr Duncan spent 10 years working with Vancouver Coastal Health on Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside, providing primary care, addictions and hepatitis C treatment. Her work in the creation of a multidisciplinary team to provide hepatitis C treatment to patients who could not participate in classic treatment models earned her an Excellence in BC Health Care Award. She is a Clinical Assistant Professor in the UBC Department of Family Practice and a preceptor with the St. Paul’s Hospital Family Practice Residency Program.

In 2009, Dr. Duncan returned to her roots in the humanities and undertook an MA degree in SFU’s Department of Liberal Studies. She has been a member of the Vancouver Division of Family Practice since its inception and joined the board in 2012. She is ​currently the Chair of the Board and Chair of the Continuity of Care Committee. She has also been a member of the General Practices Services Committee (GPSC), sitting alongside other Doctors of BC GP representative and the Ministry of Health.


Dr. Lauren Daley, Board Member

Dr. Daley is new to practice after graduating from the St. Paul’s Family Practice Residency Program. ​She is currently completing additional training in palliative care while continuing to practice family medicine. ​She has been a member of the VDoFP throughout her residency and ​is keen to positively shape the future of family medicine with the changing landscape of primary care in mind. She is especially interested in community-based care of vulnerable populations including frail elders, those facing life-limiting illness, and those struggling with mental health and addiction.

Throughout ​her residency and first few months of practice, she has gained valuable insight into the many challenges primary care providers face in light of increasingly complex patients and an aging population. As a board member, Lauren is passionate about working with like minds to help curb the effects of this anticipated population change. ​


Dr. Bobby Gu, Resident Board Member

Dr. Gu is a family medicine resident at the St. Paul’s Hospital site. Originally born in China, he has lived in the Lower Mainland since 1999. He studied Civil Engineering at UBC before completing his MD at UBC. Currently, he has an interest in acute care and inpatient medicine. He hopes to pursue additional training after his residency to improve his competency in providing care within a hospital environment.  He also has an interest in working with marginalized populations to combat the opioid epidemic.

He became involved with the Vancouver Division early on in his residency training in hopes of being a voice for residents and to establish better communication between the Division and with his fellow resident colleagues. He is currently working closely with the Residents and New-to-Practice Committee and hopes to become more involved with the Division as his experience grows.


Dr. Kelly Little, Board Member

Dr. Little is a​ practicing family physician since 2014, working in both acute care and community settings with interests in elder care and mental health. She works at Willow Pavilion and St. Paul’s Hospital, caring for admitted primary care patients, as well as making visits to frail homebound patients with HomeVIVE. She teaches residents and medical students and is the Designated Site-Specific Lead for the Care of the Elderly rotation at the St. Paul’s site. Her prior work focused on providing primary and addictions care in Vancouver’s inner city. Her clinical practice has been shaped by her passion to care for some of Vancouver’s most vulnerable populations.

She has been a member of the Vancouver Division since 2012, and involved on the Continuity of Care Committee (CCC) since 2015. Through the work of the committee she became the Division representative on a number of initiatives, and helped champion many successful projects, including the Dine & Learn series.


Dr. Ashnoor Nagji, Board Member

Dr. Nagji has actively served on the Division's Maternity Committee for three years. By playing a pivotal role in designing and delivering CPD workshops, partnering with Perinatal Services of BC to promote integrated maternity care and catalyzing networking and knowledge translation via Train-the-Trainer models, local to provincial, she has gained valuable experience that has allowed ​her to leverage ​her leadership skills from a place of passion. ​She has also represented ​the Division's membership voice at several executive and provincial committees to impact governance and strategic direction, which ultimately impacts access and health care delivery for patients.

Trained in Aboriginal and Family Medicine, Dr. Nagji's practice focuses on marginalized populations, addictions and mental health, maternity and medical education. ​She has also volunteered as a physician in Afghanistan, with MSF in Congolese refugee camps, instructed courses for obstetrical emergencies in Nepal, Uganda and Pakistan, and have worked and traveled to 99 countries. She is therefore familiar with various clinical contexts and communities and the needs and nuances that affect patient engagement and quality of care.


Dr. Nitasha Puri, Board Member

Dr. Puri is a GP whose practice is heavily focused on addiction and mental health, mostly in Vancouver’s inner city populations. She is therefore acutely aware of the effect that social determinants and health systems have on both patient and provider well-being. ​Dr. Puri understands the value of research in advocacy, and ​is currently developing ​her systems and policy thinking as a clinical research scholar. She mentors in and practices skills of communication, policy making, and advocacy, and ​is also a member of the CMA General Assembly Ambassador program, the CMA MD-MP program (where ​she works with MPs Jenny Kwan and Don Davies on health issues in parliament), various VCH addiction guideline committees, and the BC division of the Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment.

Dr. Puri has vast experience and passion for priority areas such as integrated care teams and integrated care practice (especially around mental health), climate change and environmental stewardship, and the social determinants of health that affect patients in primary care.


Dr. Robin Patyal, Board Member

Dr. Patyal is a practicing family physician with formal focused training in Care of Elderly from UBC. He is in his first year of practice in Vancouver, which involves residential care and locum work for frail elder inpatients units and a primary care team that visits homebound frail elder in Vancouver. He brings leadership experience as medical co-ordinator of a 90-bed residential care facility, and with previous work as chief resident for UBC Enhanced Skills and in organizations including CHIUS, Social Medicine, and Resident Doctors of BC.

He has been a member with the Vancouver Division since 2017, with involvement in Patient Medical Home, Residential Care Initiative, and IT initiatives and learning.


Dr. Jay Slater, Board Member

Dr. Slater is a practicing family physician since 1990. His clinical interests have evolved over the years and include inner city health, addictions and mental health, palliative care, and care of elders. He has practiced in an office setting as a full service family doctor, as a hospitalist, as a palliative care provider and consultant (in hospice and in residential care facilities) and, since 2008 as a member of a home-based primary care practice serving frail elders (HomeVIVE).

He has held several leadership roles including family physician ward Medical Manager, Head of the hospitalist program (VGH), physician lead for Bloom Group hospice doctors, Medical Manager of the STAT Centre (VGH) and Home VIVE, and Medical Director VCH Community Geriatric programs. He maintains a role in teaching medical students and residents throughout his years in practice.