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Welcome to the Comox Valley Division of Family Practice

The Comox Valley Division of Family Practice brings family doctors together to identify opportunities for improving the delivery of local health care. We are committed to achieving meaningful change that benefits patients, doctors and our community as a whole.

PLEASE NOTE: Division websites have been moved to a new platform. Please contact either Lyndsey Jennings ( or Judy Darby ( with any questions or concerns. 

New Family Practice Clinic Opening November 1

Fifth Street Family Practice

Physicians: Dr. Janet Green, Dr. Nancy McFadden, Dr. Rachel McKenzie, Dr. André Brais
Start date: November 1, 2018
Address519G 5th Street, Courtenay, BC, V9N 1K2
Phone: 250-338-2182 | Fax: 250-703-1431

Current patients can start phoning to book appointments as of October 29. Doors open November 1 and new patients are welcome after December 1.

Physician Recruitment

If you are a physician looking for a permanent practice (part-time or full-time) in the Comox Valley you can:

  • Review ​the current list of Comox Valley opportunities by CLICKING HERE
  • EMAIL the ​Comox Valley Division's Recruitment Coordinator ​to discuss your ​particular career path
  • Visit to learn about available opportunities both in Comox Valley and Vancouver Island. Eight Vancouver Island Divisions and Island Health have partnered ​provide a portal whereby family physicians can quickly and easily connect with community information, job opportunities, and Recruitment Coordinators across the island.

If you are a physician looking for locum opportunities in the Comox Valley you can: 

  • Review ​the current list of opportunities by CLICKING HERE
  • EMAIL the ​Comox Valley Division's Recruitment Coordinator ​to be placed on the Physicians Seeking Locums list - sent out twice a month in high-season. 
  • EMAIL the ​Comox Valley Division's Recruitment Coordinator to discuss and share your availability with the community.

If you want to find out more about the Comox Valley, including living and working in this diverse community, CLICK HERE or ​EMAIL the ​Comox Valley Division's Recruitment Coordinator for more information. 

Enhancing Perinatal Care in the Comox Valley

Through Shared Care’s Partners in Care initiative, the Comox Valley Division of Family Practice is collaborating with Perinatal Services BC on an extensive project to assess maternity care needs in our area and has created solutions to address some of the gaps.

At the core of this collaborative was an effort to receive input directly from women and families, family doctors, obstetricians, midwives and local perinatal care providers to ensure maternity patients have access to appropriate pre and postnatal care. ​During Phase I, the participants spent 70 hours ​engaging with 21 family physicians and specialists, 7 midwives, and 41 community partners and agencies.  

Participants identified three areas for improvement:

  1. New approaches to standardized prenatal care & enhanced collaboration between care providers and the community.
  2. The provision of equal access to care for patients.
  3. Enhanced care provider and patient perinatal information and knowledge.

Key strategies were developed to address gaps and three working groups formed to work on their implementation. 

Read the Perinatal Final Phase I Evaluation for detailed information on the goals, participation, results, and next steps:

Watch the highlight video or the three full sessions, Perinatal Perspectives - Maternity Care Through the Lens of the Social Determinants of Health, to find out more:

Stay tuned for updates on Phase II and the next steps in this collaborative initiative. 

​Visit the Comox Valley Maternity Care Pathway 
to ​find out what steps you should take next »



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