Vancouver Division of Family Practice

GP Support - Practice support at the Division

The Division provides GP Support through specific programs: Recruitment and Retention, Retirement SupportPractice Optimization and Patient Attachment Initiative.

The Division works with family doctors at different stages in their career to benefit their patients, their practices and the primary care system as a whole. Building on our successful relationships with family doctors and community health partners, we have begun transitioning our work to align with developments for Patient Medical Home and Primary Care Networks. 

GP Support Initiatives

  • Human Resources
  • Physician and Staff Recruitment
  • Workflow
  • Billing Training
  • Scanning
  • Website Implementation
  • IT Support
  • Financial Forecasting
  • Locum Matching Service
  • Retirement Support
  • Moving Panels for Retiring Physicians
  • New to Practice Supports
  • Patient Matching