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Our Board ​is a group of dedicated family physicians, specialist, and professionals who work to identify priorities and improve primary health care.​

Ralph Jones, MD - Chair

Dr. Ralph Jones, Physician Lead for the Division has been in Chilliwack for the past 20 years, the longest uninterrupted time he has spent anywhere - including his childhood, study and work in Britain. That in itself is testimony to how much he likes Chilliwack! With no intention of moving, he sees himself retiring in this community. Dr. Jones shares that practising medicine in his community has been a pleasure, interesting and fulfilling in a medical community that is welcoming, collegial, and supportive. When he first came here, he was also practising obstetrics and emergency medicine. As time and age marched on, he has now redirected his focus on general practice. He finds that Chilliwack allows him to work as a GP specialist in mental health, where he is involved in intake, chronic care, eating disorders, and support to mental health residential homes. He is also the medical director of two geriatric care homes. He maintains full active privileges at Chilliwack Hospital​. He is also involved with the hospital care physician system, supporting his colleagues and providing care to unattached patients. A staunch believer in the need for doctors to be leaders, he served as medical director of the mental health services for 12 years. He has also been closely involved with provincial medical activities, including serving as President of the B.C Society of General Practitioners and being twice elected as the Doctors of BC delegate for this area. He continues as the Doctors of BC delegate and is involved in many provincial initiatives such as the emerging Residential Care Initiative.

Joshua Greggain - Vice Chair

Dr. Josh Greggain has been involved in leadership with the Division since 2012, and a member since 2009. Throughout that time, has have been the lead physician from Hope, representing ​the physicians and nurse practitioners through the GP4ME, as well as facilitating engagement sessions in our community. Dr. Greggain is currently the Site Medical Director for Fraser Canyon Hospital. Joshua has been a full-service family physician in Hope since 2007. He provides office-based family practice, including inpatient, hospice, and emergency care at Fraser Canyon Hospital. He also have been instrumental in facilitating the First Nations outreach clinic in Anderson Creek since 2010. He is excited to serve in the board, and believes that we have an opportunity to shape health care delivery in Chilliwack, Agassiz, Hope and the Fraser Canyon. To do that, we need strong voices with visionary ideas to be able to shape health care into a team-based, intra-disciplinary model of healthcare.


​Scott Markey, MD -​ Secretary/Treasurer

Dr. Scott Markey, on the Board of Directors for the Division, is one of its original founding members and has been practicing full time in Chilliwack for twelve years. He values his colleagues in Chilliwack and enjoys being able to work in the acute care setting. The scope of Dr. Markey’s practice includes acute care work, residential care work, office work, teaching residents and geriatrics work in the Primary Care Seniors Clinic. Until recently he was involved with obstetrics and has also worked in ER medicine for ​fourteen years. He sees the Division’s role as facilitating primary care delivery and contributing to improved patient care across the spectrum of primary care. In his spare time Dr. Markey enjoys cooking, travelling, and brewing beer. He also likes to take advantage of the outdoors through mountaineering, gardening, and coaching kids’ hockey. He is glad his kids are growing up in a city like Chilliwack with its proximity to the wilderness and outdoor activities. His health advice for patients is to find a way to “make some time for exercise at least five days a week.”

Mark Ballard, MD - Director

Dr. Mark Ballard is a General Internal Medicine Specialist.  He is new to the Division of Family Medicine. He has recently completed his residency training and now has a practice focusing on general internal medicine and pain and symptom management for palliative cancer patients.

Administratively, Dr. Ballard is the head of medicine (local) for Chilliwack General Hospital. In this role he provides extensive education to residents and medical students and is also involved in multiple quality improvement projects. 

In his spare time, Dr. Ballard with his wife Dr. Jenny Ko hike, travel and try be as active in their communities as possible.

Joanne Cecchi - Director

Joanne Cecchi has been working in the health care field in Chilliwack for 22 years, in both private and public capacities. She began her career in the private industry assisting injured workers return to work and return to other important activities in their lives. She then transitioned to the public sector by working at the Home Health office for 10 years. Currently, Joanne works as Interim Manager at the Home Support office in town managing an office of nurses, care aides and admin staff. Joanne is committed to a cohesive community of health care practitioners between Fraser Health and the Division which can only result in better health care for the residents of Chilliwack/Agassiz/Hope. Physical activity is an important component of Joanne’s life and she and her husband have raised 3 active, goal driven boys. Down time for Joanne is walking her dog, gardening and spending time with her boys/husband.

Dianne Janzen - Director

Diane Janzen is a long-time resident of Chilliwack and is the Executive Director of Chilliwack Community Services. She brings a keen interest and commitment to health care, particularly the linkage between health care and social and economic outcomes. Diane served on City Council and worked heavily in health care areas including serving as chair of the Mayor’s Health Committee on Health Care. In this role, Diane worked with community partners to complete the new Emergency Wing of the Chilliwack General Hospital, served as a Board member on the Fraser Valley Health Care Foundation and was instrumental in spearheading the Chilliwack Contact Centre with PCRS. As well, Diane worked with the Division of Family Practice in its early days and has been a representative to a number of health committees.

Diane is committed to advancing the mandate of the Division of Family Practice and to improving health outcomes for all Chilliwack residents by advancing a wellness rather than acute care model, moving forward community based health care and ensuring access of all Chilliwack residents to timely care.

Julian Pleydell-Pearce, MD - Director

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