Chilliwack Division of Family Practice

Health Clinics

If you are currently a patient of the Chilliwack Primary Care Clinic and need to make an appointment, call 604-702-2850.

If you are unattached and looking for a family doctor or nurse practitioner please register with PAM (Patient Attachment Mechanism) Waitlist online here. Those that do not have access to internet can call 604-795-0034.

The Chilliwack Primary Care Clinic (CPCC) is a partnership between the Chilliwack Division of Family Practice and Fraser Health. Launched in 2011 and located in Chilliwack General Hospital, it provides access and comprehensive care five days a week from 9am-3pm.

Working with local physicians and Fraser Health, unattached patients in hospital are linked to the CPCC for attachment upon discharge to prevent readmissions. This clinic also models a Patient Medical Home network supporting team-based care with a compliment of NPs, GPs (inclusive of those specializing in mental health and substance use), a mental health clinician, and a clinical pharmacist. The interdisciplinary team accepts referrals from community for complex chronic pain management, comprehensive medication reviews, and take-home naloxone. This enables patients to receive comprehensive, coordinated care, and maintain FP-patient relationships in community that may have otherwise been strained or broken without the additional supports that the CPCC provides. Finally, the CPCC also acts as an attachment clinic for our PAM waitlist. Once there is capacity in the community, patients come into the CPCC to be seen and stabilized before eventually being transitioned out to community.

A trend analysis conducted with Fraser Health shows that on average, a year after their first appointment at the CPCC, a small group of vulnerable patients were estimated, per patient, to have avoided 0.5 ER visits and approximately 9.9 acute care bed days. In total, attachment to a family doctor for this small group of patients resulted in 71 fewer ER visits and 735 fewer acute care bed days!