Chilliwack Division of Family Practice

Hospital Care Program

The Chilliwack Division of Family Practice launched its Hospital Care Program in July 2010.

The program aims to support the ongoing provision of hospital care services, while easing the workload of physicians juggling clinical practice with hospital care. This is done through two programs:


This program supports unattached and orphaned (ie your family doctor does not have hospital privileges) patients in hospital. Unattached and orphaned patients will be assigned to a family physician with hospital privileges for the duration of their hospital stay. Test results during their stay are copied to their family doctor for a smooth transition of care back to community.

House Doc:

The House Doc rounds daily on in-patients in the hospital who do not have a family doctor attached to them. Generally, these patients are stable and awaiting transfer to nursing care or are surgical patients recovering. Also, the House Doc fields calls from family doctors who are in their clinic but have a patient that needs an urgent assessment in hospital. This helps the family doctor out so they don't have to leave their clinic.