Cowichan Valley Division of Family Practice

Cowichan Maternity Clinic

One of CVDFP’s earliest initiatives, the Cowichan Maternity Clinic opened its doors on March 1, 2011. Staffed by a team of nine experienced local family physicians, two RNs (1 FTE), a dietician, and an MOA, the clinic provides complete care for women throughout their pregnancies and up to six weeks post-partum. 

The clinic is situated within the Cowichan District Hospital, providing clients with ready access to hospital services including the lab, ultrasound department, maternity ward, and specialist consults. The clinic also helps coordinate patients with other community services such as public health and breastfeeding support.  The clinic’s physicians work a rotating call schedule, offering 24-hour call coverage.  Clients see the same caregiver and nurse throughout their pregnancy to offer continuity of care.  

The clinic seeks to help close the care gap faced by First Nations women, who comprise 32% of the clinic’s clientele, and who face unique cultural, socioeconomic, and medical needs during pregnancy. 

The clinic regularly serves unattached clients; on average, four patients per month.  As of July 2014, the clinic had successfully attached a total of 363 patients, including some unattached family members.   

Also as of July 2014, the clinic had cared for 2153 patients and had delivered 851 babies.  Mat clinic patients account for an average of 45% of all deliveries at Cowichan District Hospital, with 92% of patients delivering at or over 37 weeks.