Physician Leads

Our division has many projects on the go. We would like to highlight the following physicians for taking time to provide a physician voice on the various committees and working groups we work on.

Adult Mental Health Shared Care: Dr. Stephanie Aung

Chronic Pain Shared Care: Dr. Huy Nguyen

Chronic Pain Working Group: Dr. Huy Nguyen

Communications Committee: Dr. Paras Mehta

Evaluation Program: Dr. Vincent Wong

Geriatric Psychiatry Shared Care: Dr. Carllin Man

Integrator Project: Dr. Tracy Monk

Maternity Care Working Group: Dr. Dayna Mudie

Mental Health Working Group: Dr. Carllin Man

PCN/PMH Advisory Committee: Dr. Paras Mehta

Older Adult Shared Care: Dr. Kathy Kiani

Residential Care Initiative: Dr. Amber Jarvie and Dr. Nicholas Petropolis