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If you are struggling, that is normal and okay. Many people are. These are some resources to help you navigate this difficult time.

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Pathways is a community service directory that you can use to find information on various topics.

Services include:

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Do you qualify for a disability tax credit? 

The Government of Canada outlines specific guidelines which describe whether a person qualifies for a disability tax credit which reduces the amount of income tax they pay.

  • For more information about the tax credit, click here.
  • To find out if you might qualify, complete the eligibility questionnaire here.

Note: If you do qualify, you will be required to bring the disability tax credit form to your doctor and pay a fee to fill out and sign the form. 

Fraser Health Overdose Emergency Report

This report outlines overdose statistics for 2018-19. It also looks at the actions that Fraser Health and its partners are taking to reduce opioid/fentanyl-related overdoses.

Vancouver Coastal Health Response to Opioid Overdose Crisis

The primary goal of this report is to learn from the circumstances surrounding each death, to address the underlying causes and address gaps in our response to date. The evidence presented here indicates that replacing the unregulated, illegal supply of opioids with legal alternatives must rise to the top of our priority list, and requires our urgent attention.


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The following booklets contain information for patients such as important phone numbers and online resources related to health emergencies, mental health, substance use, chronic pain, and much more. 

Adult Health Services Handbook

This handbook contains detailed information and resources for: crisis support, chronic pain, mental health, substance use, indigenous services, refugee services, LGBTQ services, free/low-cost counselling & support, low-cost dental services, child & youth wellness, virtual doctors visits, and much more. 

Click here for the complete health services guide. 

Crisis Support Resource Guide

Are you or someone close to you struggling with a crisis? Whether it is a mental health crisis, or you are a victim of abuse, or if you are facing homelessness, or any other crisis situation, this support resource guide contains phone numbers and online resources to assist you in getting help. 

Click here for the crisis support guide. 

Chronic Pain Resource Guide

Do you suffer from chronic pain? It is important to have the right support. This guide contains a list of services available to you, from physiotherapy to counselling, to help you deal with pain. It also contains self-management tools.

Click here for the chronic pain resource guide. 

Substance Use Support Services 

This guide lists recovery resources for substance users and for families supporting their recovery. These resources include opioid treatment centres, overdose response training, recovery programs, family services support programs, counselling, and peer support.

Click here for substance use support services.

Mental Health Support Services

Everyone needs help sometimes, if you are struggling with your mental wellness this guide provides services that can help. These include free & low-cost counselling, psychiatrists & psychologists, peer support, online counselling support, mental health centres, crisis phone numbers, stress & anxiety supports, and community drop-in programs. 

Click here for mental health support services. 

Note: These resource guides are updated as of Spring 2019

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How well do you know me?

When it comes to planning for your future health care, you need to
check in and find out from your family and friends: How well do you
know me? These people may need to make health care decisions for
you if you cannot. You may be surprised at what they don’t know about
you! Use the How Well Do You Know Me questions below to get started.


For more resources visit the BC Centre for Palliative Care Website



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