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Handheld Ultrasound Devices. What are the options?

Sep 22 (Thu) | 0800–0900 PDT +Add to Calendar
Target audience: all healthcare professionals.
Up to 1.0 Mainpro+/MOC Section 1 credits
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Virtual Health Grand Rounds offer stimulating thoughtful discussion around clinical cases to learn about safe and effective technology in healthcare throughout BC. Drs. Karine Badra-Quirion, Stefanie Falz-Mclellan & Philip Lee will demonstrate and share their experience working with these different devices.

Learning Objectives:

  • Demonstrate how to use the newest handheld ultrasound devices
  • Discuss the differences between three options


Virtual Conference: Pacific Psychopharmacology Conference 2020

Sep 25 (Fri) | 0800–1545 PDT
Target audience: primary care physicians, psychiatrists, pharmacists, psychologists, nurse practitioners, nurses, social workers, allied health professionals, residents & students.
Overview: Featuring international experts on depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, and evolving approaches to the psychiatric impacts of COVID-19. And as always, we will offer local expertise on other important topics in psychopharmacology.
Up to 6.5 Mainpro+/MOC Section 1
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Virtual Conference: Allergy and Clinical Immunology Update 2020

Sep 26 (Sat) | 0820–1630 PDT
Target audience: family physicians, pediatricians, nurse practitioners, registered nurses, allied health professionals, residents & students.
Overview: The robust agenda captures the most common allergy and immunology issues in a clinical setting. Participants will hear from leaders in the field on such topics as food allergy, drug allergy, immunodeficiency, and asthma.
Up to 6.5 Mainpro+/MOC Section 1
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St. Paul’s Emergency Medicine Update

Sep 26 (Sat) | 0800–1600 PDT +Add to Calendar
Target audience: Family physicians, emergency physicians, nurse practitioners, registered & emergency nurses, paramedics, residents & students.
Agenda: Cardiac Testing for Low Risk Patients, Airway Pearls During COVID-19, Pearls in Penetrating Chest Trauma, Suboxone Pearls in the ED, COVID-19 in Children, and more.
Up to 6.5 Mainpro+/MOC Section 1 credits
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CME on the Run! 2020–2021

Oct 2, Nov 20, Jan 29, Mar 5, May 7, Jun 4 (Fridays) | 1300–1700 PDT  
Target audience: family physicians, nurses, nurse practitioners, residents & students.
Dates & Topics:

  • Oct 2, 2020 | Gynecology/Urology
  • Nov 20, 2020 | Diagnostics/Radiology
  • Jan 29, 2021 | Therapeutics
  • Mar 5, 2021 | Ophthalmology/ENT
  • May 7, 2021 |Geriatrics
  • Jun 4, 2021 | Internal Medicine

Up to 21.0 Mainpro+ credits for the full series (Up to 3.5 Mainpro+ credits/session)
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Type 2 Diabetes: Moving from Management to Remission

Oct 3 (Sat)  |  0800–1520 PDT
Target audience: physicians, dietitians, nutritionists, pharmacists, nurses, allied health professionals, residents & students.
Agenda: Full-day event that will review the management and remission of Type 2 Diabetes through various dietary approaches.
Up to 6.5 Mainpro+/MOC Section 1
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BCCFP Family Medicine Conference 2020

Oct 9 (Fri) | A full-day Virtual Conference

The conference will include plenary sessions on a diverse range of topics in family medicine. Virtual breakout groups will provide opportunities to focus learning in areas of interest and specialization. Attendees will leave with a new sense of how to care for themselves as well as for their patients.

This one-credit-per-hour Group Learning program has been certified by the College of Family Physicians of Canada and the BC Chapter for up to 5.25 Mainpro+® credits.

The BCCFP Annual General Meeting will also take place as part of the conference.  For more information & to register>


Therapeutics Initiative: Bringing Best Evidence to Clinicians

Oct 17 (Sat) | Virtual Conference  +Add to Calendar
Target audience: family physicians, specialists, pharmacists, nurses/nurse practitioners, allied health professionals, residents & students.
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UBC Division of Palliative Care CME Day

Oct 23 (Fri)  +Add to Calendar
Target audience: Palliative care physicians, family physicians, nurses and nurse practitioners, pharmacists, students, residents, & health administrators.
Mainpro+/MOC Section 1 credits
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46th Annual D.A. Boyes Society Meeting & Obstetrics and Gynaecology Clinical Review

Oct 29–30 (Thu–Fri)  +Add to Calendar
Target audience: Obstetricians, gynaecologists, oncologists, reproductive endocrinologists, nurses and nurse practitioners, OBGYN residents, & midwives.
MOC Section 1 credits
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The Climate Emergency: Diagnosis and Management

Oct 30 (Fri) | 0800–1700 PDT  
Target audience: physicians and all health care professionals, researchers, students & residents.
Overview: Help fight climate change within your professional healthcare role. This full-day virtual event will feature speakers with expertise in both climate change and health.
Up to 8.0 Mainpro+/MOC Section 1 credits
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Refresher Course for Family Practitioner Anesthetists

Nov 5–6 (Thu‐Fri)  +Add to Calendar
Target audience: family physician anesthetists (FPAs), anesthesia assistants (AAs), residents & students.
Overview: Specifically aimed towards Family Physician Anesthetists (FPAs), the “FPA Refresher Course” is designed to be an intimate review of a wide range of topics that are chosen to respond to the needs of FPs practicing anesthesia in smaller communities. The agenda will be a mix of lectures and small group workshops over two half-days — stay tuned for the full program!
Up to 7.0 Mainpro+ credits
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WorkSafeBC & NAOEM Joint Conference for Community Physicians

Dec 5 (Sat) | 0815–1630 PST +Add to Calendar
Dec 4 (Fri) | Free webinar: ‘Not Just A Prescription Pad’ 1800–2030 PST
Target audience: Family physicians, occupational physicians, specialty physicians, psychiatrists, nurse practitioners, physiotherapists, registered nurses, residents & students.
Agenda: Concussion & Post-Concussion Syndrome, To Work or Not to Work - What Is Best for My Patient? Orthopaedics Lower & Upper Extremity, Chronic Pain, Neurobiological Continuity of Pain & Depression, and more.
Up to 7.0 Mainpro+/MOC Section 1 credits
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Pallium Canada’s Learning Essential Approaches to Palliative Care (LEAP)

The BC College of Family Physicians is hosting Pallium Canada’s Learning Essential Approaches to Palliative Care (LEAP) online course for rural and remote family physicians in BC.

LEAP was created for healthcare professionals working in the community and provides the essential skills and competencies of the palliative care approach.  It is evidence-based, peer reviewed and evaluated and updated regularly. 

This online course includes 16 self-directed and interactive online modules completed at your own pace (approximately 8 hours of work); 2 three-hour online webinars led by a LEAP facilitator where you will work through cases and discuss the online modules; and an electronic copy of the Pallium palliative pocketbook.

Upon completion of LEAP Online, learners should be able to:
- promote and undertake advance care planning discussions
- assess and manage pain; delirium; gastrointestinal symptoms, hydration, and nutrition; and dyspnea
- recognize/diagnose depression, anxiety, and grief and initiate treatment plans
- develop plans to address spiritual, religious, or psychosocial needs
- initiate essential discussions related to palliative and end-of-life care in daily work
- prepare patients and families for last days and hours
- understand and apply the criteria to be met before initiating palliative sedation

This Group Learning program has been certified by the College of Family Physicians of Canada for up to 24 Mainpro+ credits.

Through a generous bequest of a BCCFP member, there is funding available to subsidize the registration fees for those interested in this online course.

For more information on LEAP Online please contact me at


REAKT: Rapid Evidence and Knowledge Translation during COVID-19
We are responding rapidly to questions posed by you and other providers during the COVID-19 pandemic. This may involve evidence review and summary, sourcing existing resources such as pre-printed order sets, or sharing ideas and innovations. The response is sent directly to you and added to the expanding online library of questions and answers. REAKT is powered by volunteer medical students, the UBC Division of Continuing Professional Development’s Rural Program (UBC RCPD) and the Rural Coordination Centre of BC (RCCbc)
Ask your own
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Landscape of Health Care in BC and Canada

Target audience: Family physicians and specialists new to practice in BC.
Content: This recently updated online course provides those who are new to practice in BC with an overview of the Canadian health care system, health care access and funding, physician compensation, and relevant national and provincial organizations.
Up to 0.5 Mainpro+/MOC Section 3.
Enrol: webpage.


BC Cancer Primary Care Learning Sessions

Target audience: primary care providers.
Content: Check out the latest addition to our cancer care interactive online module series: Prostate Cancer! Clinical tips, reflective cases, and practical resources are integrated in each module to support exploration of up-to-date, evidence-based best practices for primary care providers.
Up to 1.0 Mainpro+/module.
Enrol: Colorectal Cancer | Breast Cancer | Prostate Cancer


Safe Surgical Care: Strategies during a Pandemic

Another module in this popular free online course launched this week: Protection of Surgical Healthcare Workers. Check out newly released physician-led discussions, clinician podcast interviews, and videos focussed on helping surgical teams better prepare and safely respond to pandemics in both high and low resource settings.

Created in partnership with: UBC Department of Surgery, Branch for International Surgical Care, Vancouver General Hospital Section of Trauma, Emergency and Global Surgery, Continuing Professional Development (UBC CPD), and UBC Extended Learning.

Up to 20.0 Mainpro+/MOC Section 3 credits for 5 modules


Indigenous Patient-Led CPD

We are an Elder-led group from Indigenous and non-Indigenous backgrounds working together to increase cultural safety and humility in rural BC by building relationships with First Nation communities and physician communities.
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UBC Rural CPD Coaching and Mentoring Program (CAMP)

Ongoing Target audience: rural family physicians and specialists in BC
Overview: UBC Rural CPD’s Coaching and Mentoring Program (CAMP) fosters peer to peer connections in rural practitioner networks to improve your practice, increase your confidence, and connect you to rural colleagues. We connect you with up to 35 hours of personalized, just-in-time support in whatever form works best for you. Mentor/coaches provide support in a wide variety of areas including transitions in practice, emergency medicine, palliative care, Indigenous patient care, personal wellness and more, and can access optional sessions to develop their coaching and mentoring skills.
Up to 36.0 Mainpro+/MOC Section 1 credits for mentee/coachees
Up to 14.0 Mainpro+/MOC Section 1 credits for mentor/coaches
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Learning sessions and online resources from the Canadian Medical Association

Learning opportunities for Divisions of Family Practice

The Canadian Medical Association (CMA) is building virtual and in-person sessions to support and inform members on top initiatives such as:

  • Physician health and wellness
  • Climate change and health
  • Access to care
  • Financial well-being
  • Virtual care

CMA BC representative hopes to begin offering these sponsored sessions for any Divisions of Family Practice beginning in fall 2020, and are seeking suggestions for additional topics and speakers.

For more information or to submit a suggestion, please contact John Bannerman at


ACTOC: Substance Use Care for Two-Spirit, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, Queer, and Other Sexual Gender Diverse (2SLGBTQ+) People

We are happy to announce the launch of a new module in the Addiction Care and Treatment Online Course (ACTOC): Module 17—Substance Use Care for 2SLGBTQ+ People. This newest module addition to ACTOC was developed in response to ongoing research highlighting the factors that place these communities at a disproportionately high-risk of substance use-related harms, and an urgent need to improve patient-centered care.
Target audience: family physicians, specialists, nurses, nurse practitioners, pharmacists, and other healthcare practitioners involved in addiction care and treatment.
Up to 15.0 Mainpro+/MOC Section 3 credits (full course)
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Gender-Affirming Primary Care

Developed in partnership with Trans Care BC, this course aims to help primary care providers reduce health disparities experienced by trans patients by improving gender-affirming care practices. Through patient-centered education, access resources and tools for patients and work with patients towards their goals.
Target audience: family physicians, specialists, nurses, nurse practitioners, pharmacists, and other healthcare practitioners involved in addiction care and treatment.
Up to 1.5 Mainpro+ credits
Course Webpage


Optimizing Care for Gay, Bisexual, and other Men who have Sex with Men (gbMSM)

Check out recent updates and expanded content! Learn to identify common health issues experienced by gbMSM patients and their implications for care. Move beyond sexual health into more complex topics through multi-layered case studies and interactive exercises.
Target audience: family physicians and other allied health professionals who provide care to gbMSM patients.
Up to 1.5 Mainpro+ credits
Course Webpage


Quality Team Coaching for Rural BC — Call for applicants

Rural healthcare teams are encouraged to apply for Quality Team Coaching for Rural BC (QTC4RBC), a program that offers the opportunity to develop collective and individual skills, and access resources for quality improvement work. The application deadline is Friday, August 14.

For more information and/or to apply, click here, or email Adrienne Peltonen at




Third Wednesday of every month
PNW Division of Family Practice
Board meeting is held on the third Wednesday of every month.  Next meeting is Wednesday, September 9, 2020 @ 0800 hrs.

Fourth Thursday of every month:
IDC Brown Bag Lunch:
The Brown Bag Lunch series is a joint initiative between Northern Health and UNBC to promote health research in the North. Brown Bag Lunch is a series of free lunchtime seminars taking place the fourth Thursday of every month and features a variety of health research topics and presenters. The presentations are held at the University Hospital of Northern BC (UHNBC) and available remotely via WebEx. Each luncheon is scheduled for 45 minutes. Registration is not required.
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September 25 & 26, 2020
PNW Division of Family Practice 
Annual General Meeting will take place over 2 days, September 25 & 26, 2020, in-person as well as virtually and will include a CME event.