Powell River

Powell River Division of Family Practice


Divisions of Family Practice are community-based groups of family physicians working together to achieve common health care goals. Divisions work collaboratively with community and health care partners to enhance local patient care and improve professional satisfaction for physicians.

Beginning in 2009 in three prototype communities, the Divisions of Family Practice initiative has expanded to include 35 divisions representing more than 230 communities, including a division that targets physicians in remote and rural areas of the province. 

The Divisions of Family Practice initiative is funded by the General Practice Service Committee (GPSC), one of four joint committees that represent a partnership of the provincial government and Doctors of BC.

The Powell River Division of Family Practice (PRDoFP) was founded on December 24, 2010. In 2015, the membership was expanded to physician specialists and nurse practitioners.

Member Engagement has been instrumental in the success of our organization and the Divisions of Family Practice movement. The provincial A GP for Me initiative and the local palliative care project provided us with opportunities to meaningfully engage our members and give them a voice in influencing primary care improvements. Our A GP for Me work began in earnest: the number of unattached patients dropped from 25% to 12% of our population; we supported clinics and incoming GPs in recruiting five new doctors to the community; and we developed a website for patients to access health resources in our community. The palliative care project improved the discharge process from acute care to home, increased community awareness and provided meaningful training for healthcare professionals. The insights, commitment, and expertise of our members have positively shaped our outcomes and made a meaningful difference in all of our projects and initiatives.  

Partner Collaboration has been another key theme in 2015-16. Our partnership with the City of Powell River to leverage the Resident Attraction campaign for physician recruitment is an example how we are “better together.” Equally, our close partnership with Vancouver Coastal Health and the Hospice Society to improve palliative care demonstrates the power of collaboration. Working with other organizations is challenging and rewarding. We will continue to invest in building relationships in order to reap the benefits.

Our members have a unique opportunity to work collaboratively with our health authority and community partners. The result is a system of primary care in Powell River that addresses the triple aim of improved patient and provider experience of care, improved population health, and more efficient use of financial resources. 



  • 36 General Practitioners
  • 12 Specialists
  • 2 Nurse Practitioner