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Striving for excellence in all aspects of the primary care home

Strategic business objectives:
  • Align ​inter-disciplinary care services to physician practices
  • Maximize attachment to primary care homes
  • Provide comprehensive practice support to primary care homes
  • Improve primary care in residential care
  • Provide effective inpatient care
  • Improve transitions in care

What is a Primary Care Home (pdf)

The Prince George Division of Family Practice (PGDoFP) has been working closely with Northern Health to collaborate and build a strong primary health care system that will deliver longitudinal health care services to patients along the entire continuum from prevention to palliative care in a primary care home.

A primary care home is a place where:

  • patients have a personal primary care provider (family physician or family nurse practitioner);
  • care is holistic and patient-centred;
  • care is accessible, continuous, coordinated and comprehensive, with patients having access to the broader inter-professional team;
  • the practice uses well supported information technology, including an electronic medical record;
  • quality improvement and patient safety are key areas of focus. 

There is great potential to increase the quality of care if different health care services work together to create an integrated system that patients can navigate easily. A key to the success of this integrated system is to help everyone who wants a family doctor (primary care provider) to have one, which is the main objective of the province-wide A GP for Me initiative — a collaboration between the Government of BC and Doctors of BC.

A GP for Me in Prince George


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