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Vision & Guiding Principles

Our Vision

Healthy citizens served by healthy providers, delivering integrated longitudinal primary health care in a sustainable system.

Our Mission

Through innovation and by engaging all primary care providers and partners, we will lead and ‚Äčenable a culture of quality that addresses the unique health needs of individual patients and our community as a whole.

Guiding Principles

  • leading from within and fostering shared leadership
  • working with patients and physicians in a way that is effective for them
  • recognizing the value of interdependent partnerships
  • using data and self-reflection as the foundation for a culture of quality
  • providing stewardship for a sustainable healthcare system‚Äč

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Phone: 250-561-0125
Fax:     250-561-0124 

#201 - 1302 7th Avenue
Prince George, B.C.  V2L 3P1

Blue Pine Clinic

Phone: 250-596-8100
Fax:     250-596-8101

#102 - 1302 7th Avenue
Prince George, B.C.  V2L 3P1

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