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Stages of Development

To form a division, family physicians must have a practice or participate in a network that provides comprehensive care.  Physicians must have an interest in working as partners with their Health Authority, the GPSC and the Ministry of Health to make changes at both the practice level and the health system level.

Membership in a division is open to all family physicians in a community. In order to be viable, each division should have the participation of the majority of family physicians in their community.

The six stages of development are:

  1. First contact
  2. Developing a Document of Intent
  3. Becoming an incorporated society
  4. First year of operations
  5. Program development
  6. Fully operational

Divisions are incorporated as non-profit societies to give them the legal status necessary to sign contracts and/or hold funds to carry out the programs in their communities. They do not duplicate roles and responsibilities of a health authority.


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