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Kootenay Boundary Division resources offer patients alternatives for managing chronic pain

In response to the growing opioid crisis in the province, many divisions of family practice are supporting doctors and patients in their communities by creating resources on opioid prescribing and pain management alternatives.

Kootenay Boundary has created a wide range of tools and resources to assist physicians in helping their patients manage chronic pain. The division’s Chronic Pain Toolkit includes general information about a multidisciplinary approach to pain management, a chronic pain management brochure, and chronic pain resource directories for  Lower Columbia and Nelson.

The idea of creating community chronic pain resource directories came out of a local PSP Pain Management Module. The directories give patients access to many alternative pain management modalities available in their communities, from clinical counsellors to chiropractors. Resources are grouped into seven categories:
  • Medical (doctors, pharmacists, etc.)
  • Cognitive Therapy (occupational therapists, clinical counsellors, psychologists, etc.)
  • Bodywork (physiotherapists, kinesiologists, orthopedic therapists, massage therapists, acupuncturists, etc.)
  • Self-management (support groups, workshops, mindfulness and relaxation resources)
  • Complementary methods (chiropractors, massage therapists, yoga, laser, acupuncture, reflexology, etc.)
  • Education (books, websites, and videos on pain management)
All services, clinics, and providers listed have a specific focus on chronic pain. The resources were compiled in a relatively short period of time (two weeks to one month) through collaboration between the division and local stakeholders, including Interior Health Mental Health, community volunteers, local RMTs, Pain BC, and a local pain clinic (RISE BC, run by Dr Joel Kailia). The Lower Columbia resource is being distributed through pharmacies in Trail, and feedback has been positive—the division is now considering creating community-specific resources for all communities in the Kootenay Boundary region.

To learn more about Kootenay Boundary division’s work on pain management and opioid prescribing, visit the Kootenay Boundary Pain Management toolkit page on the division’s website.


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