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Some divisions have implemented practical solutions to make everyday life in a physician’s practice a bit easier. These case studies and programs brought physicians together in their communities to improve their operations and administration.


  • InphoniteVoice shortens clinic wait times in North Peace Division during physician shortage

    February 19, 2015

    Nothing fuels innovation and reveals untapped potential like a big challenge; something the North Peace Division of Family Practice has first-hand experience with.  The community lost eight GPs in a period of two months, resulting in huge increases in clinic wait-times. While developing ideas to help alleviate this urgent problem, the Division made an interesting discovery –  a technology tool originally intended to facilitate follow-up calls was also able to dramatically decrease wait times at two clinics. Not only does this make things better for patients, it also improves conditions for physicians and medical office staff. >

  • The Vancouver Division Clinical DropBox: Tools and resources for doctors in the Cloud

    For Vancouver family physician Dr Daniel Ngui, the challenge of providing doctors easy access to current patient education, clinical information, and other resources was best solved by turning to an “old school” concept.  “In the past, a lot of doctors would have a filing cabinet in their office. We just made that filing cabinet an electronic, searchable tool that requires very little time to locate the information you want when dealing with a patient face-to-face,” says Ngui. >

  • Parking Solutions for Physicians

    No matter where you are in the province, parking for physicians at local hospitals can be a real problem. For some communities it’s about the expense, and for others, it’s an issue of space. Two Divisions of Family Practice have found solutions that work for their members by working collaboratively with local health authorities. >

  • White Rock-South Surrey negotiates bulk pricing on medical, office supplies

    Here’s a practical way that a division can bring family physicians together in a community: the White Rock-South Surrey Division staff learned that physician offices pay vastly different rates on everything from printer paper to latex gloves. Not surprisingly, the larger clinics paid significantly less than smaller practices. >


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