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Patient Medical Home

Divisions around the province are working towards an integrated system of care to ensure that doctors are better supported to care for patients. Working more closely with other providers, teams, and networks, and maintaining seamless links to and from the community, enables increased capacity in the system and improves access to continuous primary care for more patients.

At the heart of the system is the patient medical home (PMH) – a family practice made up of doctors and team members within the practice. Broader, community-based primary care networks (PCN) involve patient medical homes linked to other GPs, health professionals, and health authority and community services.

The goals of this work are to:
  • Increase access to appropriate, comprehensive, quality primary health care for each community.
  • Improve support for patients, particularly vulnerable patients, through enhanced and simplified linkages between providers.
  • Contribute to building a more effective, efficient, and sustainable health care system in order to increase capacity and meet future patient needs.
  • Retain and attract family doctors and teams to work together in healthy and vibrant work environments.

With the support of teams and networks of other health professionals, and with strong links to the community:
  • Family physicians know their patients are getting the right care, in the right place at the right time.
  • Responsibility for patient support never falls on a single physician’s shoulders.
  • Pressures are eased, so doctors can achieve better work-life balance and look out for their own wellness.

To learn more about patient medical homes and primary care networks, visit the GPSC website.
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