Member Recruitment & Engagement

As a division is incorporated, the local division’s board of directors undertakes activities to recruit local family physicians to join their local division.Once local physicians are members of the division, the board of directors turns its attention to engaging those member physicians in the division’s work.Member physicians help to set priorities for the division, participate on working groups and committees, and provide feedback and insight into the state of local primary care.As member-driven organizations, each division employs a number of ways to engage local physicians in the division’s events and work. The following case studies and programs are examples of successful recruitment and engagement activities.

Engaging Physicians in Prince George

In order to ensure that the Division's work matches local physicians’ priorities, the board of the Prince George Division used the World Cafe facilitation method at the division’s spring 2010 meeting to encourage all members’ voices.

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Abbotsford Division manages participation requests

It can be a real challenge for physicians to manage requests for participation from non-profit groups and other health care organizations. That's why the Abbotsford Division created the Family Practice Participation Request Form.

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Vancouver Division Sets Priorities

In November 2010, the Vancouver Division used a novel exercise for its first member event. As it was the first opportunity for members to come together, the Division had two objectives: give people a chance to network, and begin to obtain input that would help set priorities for its work going forward.

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