Evaluation Tools: Most Significant Change & Sample Survey Instruments

Most Significant Change ​Method
This video introduces Most Significant Change as a qualitative evaluation method suitable for evaluation A GP for Me across British Columbia.  The video features highlights from a full-day workshop held in January 2015 for evaluators from Divisions of Family Practice and partner agencies.
Provincial Core Survey Modules - Patient and Physician
The provincial office compiled a list of validated survey questions from a variety of sources for a patient survey and a physician survey.  These surveys can be used to better understand both experience and outcomes.
Pan-Canadian ​Primary Health Care Survey Questions and Tools
The Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI) worked with survey experts from across the country to develop a core set of primary health care survey questions and supporting survey instruments. This effort drew on existing survey questions in use in Canada and internationally. While coordinated by CIHI, this work was led by survey experts and informed and influenced by future users of the tools. Survey links on the CIHI page include patient experience surveys, provider surveys, and attributes of organizations.
Commonwealth Physician Survey  
The Commonwealth Fund and The Kaiser Family Foundation asked primary care providers—physicians, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants—about their experiences with and reactions to recent changes in health care delivery and payment.  The survey results are presented here.
National Physician Survey
The National Physician Survey is produced by the College of Family Physicians Canada (CFPC), the Canadian Medical Association (CMA), and the Royal College. The data is drawn from surveys sent to every licensed physician in Canada as well as to all Canadian medical residents and students.  Results from 2004-2014 are presented here.
Transformation in Primary Health Care
Transformations is an initiative to measure and improve the performance of primary health care in Canada.   This page links to a number of survey resources and a review and classification of items and scales used in publicly-available questionnaires.
Interpersonal Communication from the Patient Perspective: Comparison of Primary Healthcare Evaluation Instruments
This link downloads a research paper from physicians in Montreal that discusses evaluation instruments related to patient experience.