HR Toolkit

This Human Resources Toolkit was developed in response to requests from Divisions of Family Practice for guidance, tools, templates and examples to assist with managing human resources in a fair, transparent and professional manner, consistent with legislation, and other division practices.  Written for board chairs, human resources committees, and senior management staff, the Toolkit is also meant to help identify and mitigate risks inherent to human resource management.

The Toolkit contains six sections reflecting the different elements of human resource management (see the list on the left). Each section offers guidance and resources that can be customized to meet your particular needs.  You may choose not to use them and develop your own.  However, due to employment legislation or other regulatory constraints, some documents should not be altered and are noted as such in the Toolkit.

Due to their sensitive nature, some resources noted in the Toolkit are not accessible via this site, such as job interview questions or scripts for termination of an employee.  These documents are available, with coaching and support if required, from your Physician Engagement Lead. 

We may periodically update the Toolkit as new tools are developed or feedback is received.  Please check back to ensure you have the most current content.

If, after reading through this Toolkit, you have questions or require support, your Physician Engagement Lead can assist you, or refer you to appropriate resources.

To ensure this Toolkit serves your needs, we welcome feedback for improvements to the content and format. Complete this online form to share your feedback on format or content, and suggest topics that may require further attention through other means such as webinars and podcasts.