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Specialist Services Committee Funding

Additional funding available for divisions

In March 2012, the Specialist Services Committee (SSC) committed to strengthening the GP/specialist relationship by providing funds to support specialist involvement in the planning processes for local Divisions of Family Practice.

This means that local divisions who involve specialists in planning meetings, such as Collaborative Services Committees (CSC), educational events, and working groups, can now claim specialist sessional expenses for their participation.

To claim these expenses, the specialist must participate in areas such as problem identification and collaborative solution generation. The division may claim the cost of modest catering associated with the specialist’s participation in meetings, however specialist participation in social events will not be covered.

Local divisions can access funding by submitting the following two forms to the provincial Divisions office at or by fax 604-638-2916:
  1. Sessional Payment Form for SSC – this form must be signed by the claimant and the division lead
  2. SSC Meeting Attendance List
Please contact ​​the provincial Divisions office at ​ for any further questions.


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