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Step 1:
Go to or to your local division homepage and click on ‘Member Login’ at the top right-hand corner to log in to DivIT. If you have forgotten your password, click on ‘Forgot Password’ and enter your email address to have  your login information resent. If you do not have a DivIT username and password, complete the online application to become a division member. The link to the application can be found on your local division’s homepage. 

Step 2:
Once you’ve logged in, click on the UpToDate link which is found in the gray navigation bar.

Step 3:
This link will take you to an UpToDate search window where you will enter your search, ie. diagnosis, treatment, procedural, drug question.

Step 4:
Click on ‘Search’ and you will be redirected to the UpToDate site. If you are not redirected, check that pop-ups are enabled in your web browser.

A screen will appear with both login and registration forms. If you currently hold an UpToDate subscription, please enter your UpToDate username and password in the login form and click on the ‘Log In’ button. You need to do this one time only and it will ensure that your CME credits are recorded in any reports.

If you are a new user to UpToDate, fill in the fields on the registration form and then click on the "Submit Registration" button. The registration process is required one time only and enables recording of your CME credits. It also gives you access to UpToDate through your iPhone, iPad, Android device, or Windows 8 tablet by downloading the appropriate app.

The first time you access UpToDate following your search, you will see the log in / register page shown below. You can:  
  1. If you have an existing UpToDate subscription that you have paid for yourself, log in on the left side of this page with your current UpToDate username and password that you created when you purchased UpToDate. Logging in instead of registering will merge your personal subscription and your division account so when you conduct searches in UpToDate you collect the CMEs in one place. Individuals subscribers can request a refund within the first 60 days of their UpToDate subscription. If you have any questions or would like to request a refund, contact UpToDate Customer Service at 1-800-998-6374 ( and identify yourself as a part of the Divisions of Family Practice subscription.
  2. If you are a new user, register on the right side of the page and create your own UpToDate username and password, separate from your Divisions of Family Practice username and password.
Note: It is possible, though not recommended, to skip this step and register later. You will still be able to search UpToDate and the system will track your CME credits, but you will not be able to submit your CME credits or access UpToDate through a mobile device until you register.

If you do not see the log in / register page you may click on the ‘Register' link within UpToDate as shown below.

Once you complete the registration form, you will receive an email that includes your UpToDate username and instructions on how to access the UpToDate mobile app.


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