Vancouver Division of Family Practice


Pathways is a web-based directory that connects family physicians and specialists to streamline referrals. Pathways was developed by the Fraser Northwest Division of Family Practice, where it was piloted successfully and found to offer genuine solutions to GP-specialist referral issues. 

Pathways is now accessible to family physicians and residents who are members of the Vancouver Division, and to specialists in Vancouver. We encourage you to join this initiative and play an important role in improving the referrals experience for doctors and patients.

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Pathways Update – September 15, 2018

Community Services now listed on Pathways
Low-or-no cost support programs and group activities are now listed on Pathways. These include seniors’ loneliness/social isolation support, victim and immigrant services, allied health providers, and more.


Pathways Update - August 14, 2017

Emailing Specialist and Clinic Contact Info to Patients From Pathways
A major change has come to Pathways! Printable specialist and clinic contact information can now be emailed to your patient. To email a patient, go to “Print or email Information for Patient” at the bottom of the profile, select the email button directly below the print button and you will be able to email the contact information to the patient. The patient's email address is not stored by Pathways, nor will it be used again for any purpose. The email will be sent to the patient from a address, and will not expose your email address to the patient.  In accordance with CMPA recommendations, Pathways is now including a link to a consent for electronic communication form to be used when emailing anything to a patient, whether it's clinic information or a patient information sheet.