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Welcome to A GP for Me in Richmond

A GP For Me is a joint initiative of the Government of BC and Doctors of BC. The program has been launched across the province, with important work being done at the community level by local Divisions of Family Practice.

The provincial A GP for Me initiative aims to:

  • Strengthen the continuous family physician-patient relationship.
  • Better support the needs of vulnerable patients.
  • Enable patients that want a family doctor to find one.
  • Increase capacity and improve the delivery of primary care in the community.

Made-in-BC research shows that patients who have an ongoing relationship with their family doctor are likely to experience better care because their doctor knows and understands their background and medical history. A GP for Me won’t be an instant solution for everyone who is looking for a doctor now. However, over time it will help make family doctors available to more people.

The Richmond Division of Family Practice is a group of 140 Richmond family physicians whose mission is "a medical community that protects, promotes and expands the role of family physicians in caring for their patients".  A GP for Me in Richmond aims to:

  • Enable Richmond residents who want a family doctor to get one.
  • Support the relationship between patients and family doctors

The Richmond Divisions’ approach to meet the goals of A GP for Me is through five interrelated strategies:

  1. Physician Communication
  2. Retirement, Recruitment and Retention
  3. Health Literacy for Residents
  4. Linking Vulnerable Patients to Physicians
  5. Neighbourhood Networks 
​A GP for Me Project Overview

For more information about A GP for Me in Richmond, contact:

Marnie Goldenberg
Project Lead - Richmond A GP for Me

City of Richmond Council Update:

March 23, 2015

A GP for Me Launches in Richmond

One of the main reasons to live in Richmond is access to modern medicine and continuous health care. And while the former is a reality, unfortunately, the latter often isn't. Many people, even those who have lived here for decades, don't have a regular family doctor/general practitioner (GP).

People of all ages are affected by this situation. By having continuous medical care and a history of medical records, health problems may be detected earlier and before they become serious. When people can speak to their regular GP who they are familiar with and trust, it makes a difference. Having a regular GP is essential to addressing long-term health.

This is why the City of Richmond is so enthusiastic about the A GP for Me initiative currently being rolled out by the Richmond Division of Family Practice.

Click here to download the full Council Update


A GP for Me Media Releases:


March 9, 2015

A GP for Me in Richmond looks to improve access to primary care

Richmond, B.C. – The Richmond Division of Family Practice (RDFP) is addressing the general practitioner (GP) shortage in Richmond with the introduction of specific strategies that help more residents find a family physician, and ensure patients continue to receive quality primary care.

The strategies respond to the results of community surveys and consultations, and will be implemented with $1 million in funding from A GP for Me, a joint initiative of the Government of BC and Doctors of BC.

"The Richmond Division of Family Practice’s strategies will help to strengthen physician and patient relationships, recruitment and succession planning for physicians, and increase patient capacity in doctor’s offices,” said Health Minister Terry Lake. “We know that there is more work to be done but Richmond’s work is a reflection of how the A GP for Me program is working to meet the health care needs of specific communities across British Columbia.”

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