Richmond Division of Family Practice

Neighbourhood Networks

Neigbourhood Networks are geographical clusters of GP offices that support the independence and potential interdependence of neighbouring GPs. While they were originally built as part of the A GP for Me initiative, Neighbourhood Networks are now part of the division’s foundational approach to building Patient Medical Homes (PMH) and Primary Care Networks (PCN).

Acknowledging that Richmond comprises many smaller, unique neighbourhoods, each with distinct socioeconomic, cultural, language and health care needs, the division's Neighborhood Networks strategy introduced a systematic approach to coordinated multidisciplinary care, patient attachment, physician recruitment, peer support, and practice coverage. Many of these efforts leveraged work undertaken in  other strategies, and the Division developed and fortified many partner relationships in order to undertake this work. 

The division is currently in the process of expanding the Neighbourhood Networks initiative from four to six networks in 2019, and plans to use the initiative as the backbone for their PCN strategy.

White papers

The Division wrote a series of papers that highlight our processes and learnings related to the Neighbourhood Network implementation period.  Papers for download are on the following topics:


Neighbourhood Networks

Blundell Network

(L-R) Drs. Al Horii, Linda Cabrera and Gary Koss. Missing: Drs. Barb Duncan, Laura-Jane Henderson and Asae Tanaka



Steveston Network

(L-R) Drs. Raul Carvalho, Benedict Yap, Cheryl Nagle, Kee-Leong Sit, Seb Howie and Justin Chan. Missing: Drs. Robert Baker, Jane Donaldson, Jack Kliman, Peter Quelch, Keri Ruthe, Bernadette Yuan


City Centre Network

NeighbourhoodNetworks_City Centre.jpg
(L-R) Drs. Angela Shen, Pat Wong, Thomas Wong, Sammy Lee and Henry Ngai. Missing: Dr. Tanya Liu


Westminster Network

(L-R) Drs. Boon Wong, Emilie Yeung, Bo Zavaglia, Adam Chang, Ki-Sun Kim and Susan Kuo. Missing: Dr. Michael Myckatyn


The RDFP gratefully acknowledges the Ministry of Health and Doctors of BC for A GP for Me funding provided through the GPSC.