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An update to members on the PCN process - specifically the progress related to the Letters of Intent.

Following a meeting with Island Health (IH) and the Ministry of Health (MoH) on August 26th, and as reported that evening at the SIDFP PCN Physician Leadership Committee, the MoH will not accept adjustments or addendums to the Letter of Intent (LoI – non-binding documents).  With input from members on the 26th and discussion of the SIDFP Board and Executives the following process will be implemented to address member concerns while progressing the PCN work:

  1. The two Letters of Intent (LoI – non-binding documents, signed by SIDFP, IH and First Nations partners) will be submitted along with a cover letter identifying member concerns.
  2. The PCN Steering Committee has been formed and met on September 3rd - draft Terms of Reference are being refined and the committee reporting will be forth coming.  The SIDFP is represented by Drs. Robin Saunders and Jaron Easterbrook and Executive Director, Clay Barber.  Agendas will be circulated approximately 1 week ahead of meetings with minutes to follow within 1 week of the meeting.  Key information will also be discussed at the Physician Leadership Committee. We encourage members to read the e-bulletins and webpage links for updates and attend the Physician Leadership Committee meetings for further discussions.
  3. MoH Executives have been invited to attend the September 23 Physician Leadership Committee meeting to directly address members’ concerns.  SIDFP Board members will be in attendance.  (Meeting Information  |  RSVP here)
  4. The SIDFP Board will meet on September 25 to decide next steps.
  5. If the Board decides to proceed, the SIDFP will engage with MoH around the formal Fund Transfer Agreements (FTA – legally binding agreements) process and will seek member input as well as external expertise, as required.

PCN Meeting Information



Following recent meetings of the Practice Ready Assessment – BC (PRA-BC) Steering Committee and funding decision by the Ministry of Health, there is an opportunity for you to apply to have PRA-BC physicians join your practice.  We recognize the short turnaround, but this decision was only made this week and the deadline to apply is Tuesday, October 2nd

There are constraints and requirements surrounding this process that you need to familiarize yourself with before submitting an application.  Details can be found here and include:

There are some risks for members who chose to get involved – your practice/clinic may not match with a graduate or the matched graduate may not pass their testing or clinical field assessment.  This means the clinic will not be having the physician start in the allotted timeframe.

We recognize this short turnaround time and request that any questions members may have be directed to the Division so that we may connect you with the appropriate organization or to Eva Vincent at (250) 755-7691 local 53072 or

The IMG Committee with assist the selected clinics to create Health Match BC postings.


Primary Care Network Updates:

Saanich Peninsula Primary Care Network (PCN) Update:

In the August update, we are providing our Saanich Peninsula SIDFP members with a comprehensive summary of Primary Care Network planning and implementation activities and outcomes thus far.  

Included in the summary are:

  • Current state
  • History
  • Ministry of Health Approvals for the Saanich Peninsula PCN
  • Key considerations for involvement: Risks, Benefits, Participation Requirements
  • How to stay informed
  • How to join the Primary Care Network
  • A Summary Guide of GPSC fees supporting team-based care
  • Doctors of BC Review of New GP APP Contracts


If you require further information or would like to discuss how to become involved in the PCN, please contact



Western Communities Primary Care Network (PCN) Update:

The Western Communities (WC) Primary Care Network (PCN) is now in a limited implementation phase pending full funding from the Ministry of Health.  The SIDFP’s Board has signed the Ministry of Health’s Letter of Intent (LOI), which indicates the Division’s willingness to continue to work with its partners to move forward with the WC PCN.  Once the LOI is submitted to the Ministry, a Funds Transfer Agreement will be forthcoming.

Other PCN updates include the following with more details available in the accompanying document:

  • A change management strategy has been developed for the WC PCN that will focus supports at the clinic level.  The leads for this work will be staff from the Division and PSP and a menu of offerings is attached here.   In addition to the supports at the clinic level, the SIDFP and IH will lead change management activities at the neighbourhood and PCN levels.  In addition, at the PCN level, a South Island PCN Collaborative Learning Series is being developed to provide learning opportunities about team-based care models from high performing organizations but with relevance to our local context.   The first offering is being planned for October/November. 
  • Job descriptions for GPs (St. Anthony’s Primary Care Pods and 7 Community Clinics), NPs (St. Anthony’s Primary Care Pods and High Complexity Care Team) and Social Work (High Complexity Care Team and Eagle Creek) have been prepared and posted.  Hiring and onboarding is underway as candidates are identified.  
  • Limited capital funding for clinic expansion and renovations is available from the Ministry of Health and GPSC.  Details on how to access these funds and the criteria to do so are not yet available although the expectation is that the SIDFP will receive this information, shortly. 
  • The PCN Steering Committee (SC) recently met (August 9th) to review a governance model for the PCN.  This feedback and discussion at the Partners for Better Health meeting (August 14th) has resulted in a model that once approved by IH Executive and the Division Board of Directors will likely be launched in September. 

Should you be interested in participating on the above committees or if you have any questions or comments, please contact .  


Supporting Documents for Division Survey

GP Backgrounder and FAQs

Primary Care GP Service Contract Template

NP Backgrounder and FAQs

Primary Care NP Service Contract Template

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Primary Care Announcement from the Premier of BC, dated May 24, 2018.