South Island Division of Family Practice

Dr. Elizabeth Rhoades - Member at Large


Dr. Elizabeth Rhoades headshot

Elizabeth has been in family practice for almost 30 years and works in a six-member group-based practice in Sidney. The majority of her patients are seniors, many of whom are managing complex health challenges.

She first joined the South Island Division Board in 2010 because of the positive experience she gained from working with non-profit, community-based organizations and she wanted to contribute that experience to supporting the development of the South Island Division.

For the past year Elizabeth has fulfilled the position of Secretary-Treasurer on the Board and previous to that she was Board Co-Chair. She is interested in continuing to contribute to the important work of the Division in representing the needs and interests of family physicians.

Elizabeth also participates in many other Division-sponsored and -supported initiatives including sitting as a member of the Collaborative Services Committee as well as the A GP For Me committee and EMR-IT working group. She has also represented the Division at the bi-annual Provincial Divisions Roundtable. Elizabeth has a strong interest in developing new ideas around how we provide primary health care services and in finding ways to support family physicians in the work we do to help provide greater work-life balance and satisfaction and in connecting patients with a family doctor.