Sunshine Coast Division of Family Practice

Recruitment, Retention and Retirement



  • Retention planning
  • Recruitment planning
  • Locum Support planning
  • Succession planning


  • Research Division-wide locum support program
  • Research and implement best practices around retention and recruitment
  • Develop and implement succession planning

Short-term Outcomes

  • Retain existing physicians
  • Increase in locum supply
  • More streamlined process/better coordination of practice coverage
  • Ability to be more proactive in recruitment efforts
  • Ability to ease transitions for retiring GPs and patients

Medium & Long-term Impacts

  • Improved work/life balance for GPs
  • Potential for GPs to remain working longer
  • Improved recruitment mechanism for physicians
  • Improved organizational stability & sustainability
  • Increased capacity/larger physician and locum base on the Sunshine Coast
  • Supports the Triple Aim

Target populations

  • Family Physicians
  • Unattached and attached patients
  • Community