Sunshine Coast Division of Family Practice

Shared Care

Streamlining Mental Health Pathways to Care


Streamlining Mental Health Pathways to Care is the current initiative underway for
patients on the Sunshine Coast regarding:

  1. Timely access to psychiatric services 
  2. Timely ongoing support for chronic populations
  3. Coordinated adult patient referral process
  4. Coordinated child and youth mental health services 
  5. Communication and follow-up between care providers 

Key Successes

  • Patient voice representative now in attendance at the monthly meetings.
  • Draft evaluation framework prepared by Reichert and Associates.
  • Draft plan for data to be collected from St. Mary's Hospital (SMH) charts to assess Child Youth Mental Health (CYMH) ER admissions.
  • Project steering committee established.
  • Child-Youth Mental Health Practice Support Program (PSP) module #2 is encouraging networking and partnerships for better child/youth mental health outcomes. Non-physician participants are requesting more information about Shared Care.
  • Safe Relationships, Safe Children project is supportive of GPs being central figures in the health of families and would like to work closer with GPs (through PSP and other forums).

The project means to improve the coordination of patient care between family and specialist physicians. The relationship between family physicians (GP) and specialist physicians (SP) is fundamental to the delivery of effective health care, especially for the most complex patient populations.

The Shared Care initiative is helping to strengthen this relationship, fostering mutual trust, respect, and knowledge of each physician’s expertise and responsibilities, all of which are integral to effective collaboration and collegiality.