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Mental Health and Substance Use

The Mental Health Commission of Canada’s Mental Health Strategy includes as a priority the expansion of the role of primary healthcare in meeting mental health needs, ​with the understanding that people are more likely to consult their family physician about a mental health problem than any other provider.  The below list ​offers a compilation of information and resources useful for family doctors.  If you have other recommended resources, please email Vancouver Division, to be added to the list below. 

Resources and Information

Moving Forward Family Services: Sliding scale counselling & support for patients in need

Gordon Neighbourhood House: Free counselling programs

ProChoices: Donation-based counselling services

Kelty's Key: A VCH online cognitive behavioural therapy program

Youth Resource Directory: A reference for Vancouver Youth Mental Health Services & Resources

Open Mind BC: Doctors of BC mental health website resource for family doctors

Delta Division:  In partnership with Delta LAT, a website for mental health resources

CBT Resources:  A Vancouver Division compiled reference sheet for CBT resources

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