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A GP for Me, also known as Attachment, is an initiative aimed at ensuring a regular family doctor is available to everyone that wants one. Funded by Doctors of BC and the Ministry of Health, A GP for Me is a province-wide program that will greatly benefit our community. Today, one in six residents of Vancouver don’t have a family doctor and 24,000 are looking for one unsuccessfully. Our Division is working actively to change that.

There are many benefits to attaching patients to a family doctor. The relationship that develops helps doctors treat more effectively and efficiently, which leads to healthier patients and reduced system costs. In recognition of so many people looking for a family doctor at a time when many are working at or above capacity, A GP for Me is a multi-year project. Our Division’s Board of Directors has developed a comprehensive plan on how to best implement this project in Vancouver’s unique and dynamic practice community. This plan includes an extensive consultation and engagement process with Vancouver family doctors that is taking place in 2014.

Essential elements to successfully achieving A GP for Me’s goals include:

  1. Strengthening our relationship with our Vancouver Coastal Health (VCH) and Providence (PHC) partners
  2. Developing an approach for involving and engaging family doctors, our health authority partners and citizens of Vancouver
  3. Grounding the vision, values and strategy in a published vision and charter
  4. Building a working group composed of member FPs, with participation from Division sub-committees who already work in areas directly linked to A GP for Me.

Using a community development approach, the Division will invite residents, doctors and partners to engage in the process. As part of this, members will be given accurate, clear and useful information about the strategy, purpose, and overall benefits of implementing A GP for Me in Vancouver.

Several opportunities to participate in A GP for Me have been and will continue to be available to members. Two of the main ways doctors can participate are by:

  1. Registering for A GP for Me with the Division (which is necessary for billing) and
  2. Billing the new fees that reward stronger primary care relationships and attachment of complex unattached patients.

Unified through the Division, family doctors are able to be a play a key role in this important evolution to our front-line health care system.

More information can be found on the GPSC website.

Doctor Registration for A GP for Me

If you’re a Vancouver GP and would like to register with the Vancouver Division of Family Practice and access the new GP for Me billing codes, email us at and say “Yes to A GP for Me” in the subject line.

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Vancouver family doctors ramp up efforts to help citizens find a family doctor with A GP for Me

Press Release
February 19, 2014

Vancouver, BC: Vancouver family doctors will be launching a series of patient-doctor summits, online engagement and community meetings over the next 12 weeks, building on research carried out by the Vancouver Division of Family Practice. The Division is proactively engaging with the community  in phase one of its work on the provincial program, A GP for Me, a program funded and supported by the BC Ministry of Health and Doctors of BC. Vancouver residents are invited to participate in an online survey at

“The work that is occurring in Vancouver to support primary care is just one example of the steps we are taking in partnership with the Doctors of BC to increase primary care capacity,” said Health Minister Terry Lake. “It is great to see divisions of family practice, like Vancouver’s, engaging with the community and stakeholders to support this work.”

Click here to download the full press release.

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