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Vancouver Division of Family Practice Attachment Team

Support for physicians looking to speak with someone directly about Attachment “A GP for Me” Initiative Codes. Contact Barbara Lai for more information.

Source: Vancouver Division of Family Practice

GPSC "A GP For Me" Attachment Initiative >

A document that reviews fee codes billable through the Attachment Initiative.

Source: General Practices Services Committee

SGP Simplifies Guide to Fees > 

Searchable database of all billing codes, including when it can/cannot be billed per MSP restrictions (note: SGP membership is necessary - this is free to residents).

Source: Society of General Practitioners


General Preamble to the Payment Schedule >

This document provides billing rules under which fees are to be claimed.

Source: Medical Services Commission


MSC Payment Schedule - General Practice >

Lists fees approved by the MSP payable to enrolled physicians for insured medical services.

Source: ​Medical Services Committee

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