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Continuity of Care

Improving the patient’s journey through the health care system requires both the continued involvement of family doctors and effective communication between doctors, patients, specialists and health authorities. Achieving this is the focus of the Continuity of Care Committee.

The Division’s presence as a leader in the Vancouver health community has strengthened substantially, and with this has come an increased demand by health care partners for engagement with the Division in areas related to Shared Care and continuity of care.

The Continuity of Care Committee advocates for family doctor involvement throughout the patient’s journey. This advocacy translates into encouraging communication between family doctors and specialists during acute care admissions and discharge and beyond, to provide consistent and complete care for patients. Armed with a clear purpose, and with solid goals and deliverables guiding its work, the committee is now more than ever in a position to deliver successful outcomes in partnership with the community.

Telemed White Paper

As the Canadian healthcare system faces increasing pressures and demands to meet the needs of an aging, socio-economically variable, and geographically dispersed population, telemedicine is often looked to as a key part of the solution.

Read about how technology can help your practice.

Telemed White Paper Executive Summary
Telemed White Paper Complete Report

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