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Ideas Needed!

As a peer-driven, collaborative society, the Vancouver Division determines its activities based on the issues that matter to our members the most. If you have a suggestion on how make some aspect of front-line health care better for patients or doctors, we want to hear from you!

VDoFP members in good standing are eligible to pitch an idea on any of the following areas that will help family doctors:

  • New approaches to healthcare
  • Member Events
  • Office efficiency/optimization
  • Technology
  • Professional development
  • Other (we will consider all ideas, provided they are based on our strategic priorities and fall within the mission and goals of the Division)
Please note that research-focused projects are typically not funded, as the Division does not have a mandate around research.​


Who Can Apply

Any Family Doctor Vancouver Division member in good standing may suggest an idea that aims to help family physicians or their patients!


Resources for Developing a Proposal and Eligible Expenses

Members presenting ideas in the Doctor's Den are eligible for up to three hours of honorarium compensation in recognition of time spent developing, documenting, and presenting the idea. Honorariums are provided even when proposed projects are not funded.

VDoFP can support members with mentorship in the development of our proposal, as well as some guidance and support in getting the project started if funded. Support provided is dependent on each member and their idea.

Project awards usually range from $500 to $3,000. The board may choose to fund projects at any level they feel is appropriate, where budget allows. Applicants can use the award to hire project support (e.g. admin support, MOA, another GP, etc.). Funds cannot be used to cover expenses already incurred prior to a grant being awarded.

While not all proposed ideas are funded, the spirit of the Doctor's Den is to help ensure the ideas pitched are successful!

How to Submit an Idea

1. Download our proposal template here: Complete and send the completed template to our Interim Strategic Director, Justin Ho: 

       Justin Ho | ​Interim Strategic Director
       E-mail: (preferred method of receipt)
       Fax: 604 321-5878
       Phone: 604 569-2010

2. Once submitted, the proposal will pass through an initial review by staff and the Membership Committee (which oversees the Doctor’s Den grants program) to ensure the proposal is eligible for funding based on the grant parameters. Staff and/or the committee may come back with feedback to help improve the proposal.

3. If your proposal passes through the initial review, you will then be invited to pitch your proposal to the VDoFP board of directors for a final decision on funding. 

The Doctor's Den

If you are invited to pitch your proposal, the pitch will take place to the VDoFP board at an upcoming board meeting (held once a month). This is what you can expect and prepare for.

The Pitch

The pitch will start with your name, your idea, and the amount of funding you are requesting. This is followed by a verbal pitch of up to 15 minutes.

The Advocate
As a presenter, you can have an advocate on standby in the Den to help answer some of the Board’s questions following your 15-minute pitch. This advocate is usually someone directly involved with the idea/proposal.

The Q&A
The Board will ask the presenter questions after the pitch. It is important to note that anything discussed in the Den is of public record. The Board will briefly go in-camera at the Doctor’s Den session to discuss the proposal and render a decision (i.e. full-funding, partial funding, directing proposal to staff for modification, refusal).

On behalf of the Board, we sincerely thank all that apply to the Doctor’s Den for your thoughtful consideration and for taking the time to help enhance health care delivery in Vancouver.

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The Vancouver Division of Family Practice currently has over 900 family doctors and resident members.

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