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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Division of Family Practice?
Divisions of Family Practice are family doctor-led, community-based networks of family doctors working together to identify opportunities for improving the delivery of health care in their communities. Once members have identified priorities, they collaborate on the development of programs to support professional practice and local patient care needs.

The Vancouver Division was established as a not-for-profit society in 2010 to represent the approximately 1,000 family doctors practising in the city.

I am a Resident. How can I sign up for UpToDate?
UptoDate is a resource offered to residents through our Provincial Office, and you can apply for it here.

Click here for more information on the benefits of becoming a member of the Vancouver Division of Family Practice.

Once you have finished your residency, your UpToDate membership transfers to full membership with us and you will receive UpToDate through the Vancouver Division, plus all the other great tools and resources we offer at no cost.

I am a Medical Student at UBC. Can I become a member of the VDoFP? And how do I get access to UpToDate?

Unfortunately, membership is only open to Family Doctors and Family Medicine Residents, you can view our membership criteria here. As a student, however, you are able to access UpToDate at no charge; you can access this by applying through the Provincial Divisions of Family Practice Office by going to the Student / Resident website. Once it has been processed, you will receive your log-in information and more information on how to access UpToDate. 

Who is in charge of the Division?

The members are the ultimate authority in a non-profit society. Our members elect and provide input to the board of directors, which in turn work with the Executive Director.

How does it differ from other organizations representing family doctors – Departments of Family Practice, the College of Family Physicians etc.?
The Division is local. Many groups exist to support and focus on family practice at the regional, provincial and national levels. The Vancouver Division is for Vancouver family doctors only, focused on solutions for improving health care in this city.

The Division is also doctor-led. The society is led by a Board of working Vancouver-area family doctors. Solutions developed are practical, front-line initiatives developed by family doctors for their own patients and practices.

The Division holds funding, through a registered non-profit society – which we use to run the society and engage with members through local events and initiatives. Additional funding can be negotiated for patient care initiatives that are clinical in nature.

How does the Division’s role differ from that of Doctors of BC, General Practice Services Committee (GPSC), health authority or Ministry of Health?
We established the Division to be the voice of family doctors. We are non-political and independent of these other organizations, though we are funded by the GPSC and work together with these partners through the Collaborative Services Committee

How is the Vancouver Division different from the Department of Family Practice at VGH or St Paul’s?
Departments of Family Practice work to support doctors with hospital privileges and to support family practice initiatives in a hospital setting. The Vancouver Division will work with all Vancouver-area family doctors – hospital-based or not – on programs and projects that may or may not be hospital-based.

What is the required time commitment?
There is no set time commitment. Your involvement as a member is entirely up to you. Participation options include working groups, committees, the Division’s Board or networking and professional development events. Depending on your interest and available time, you can sign up to deliver clinical programs and services once they have been developed by the working groups and partners.

What are the reasons to get involved?
Getting involved with the Division creates many benefits for you and your patients including:

  • A chance to network, share ideas and be supported by fellow family doctors
  • An opportunity to share your input and help design practical, front-line solutions to local health care gaps
  • Access to extra funding for improved patient management initiatives
  • Professional and academic enhancement
  • Financial compensation for your participation.

See our membership benefits here.

What’s in it for me, my practice and my patients?
For you – a stronger professional community and the opportunity to interact with your colleagues, to share and learn from others, and contribute your ideas and efforts towards improved practice and patient care.

For your practice – stronger connections with professionals in your area, specifically-tailored educational opportunities (PSP, CME, other), shared resources or practice benefits.

For your patients – improved health care programs and services, as you work locally to identify and solve gaps or issues in patient care.

What kinds of issues or projects does the Division get involved in? What service does it deliver to patients?
The Vancouver Division of Family Practice consults members to determine local doctors’ top priorities for addressing front-line care gaps and doctors’ issues in Vancouver. Our strategic priorities were developed based on member input and each of our initiatives supports one or more of these goals. With enhanced patient care across the health care system at the heart of what we do, patients benefit, directly or indirectly, from all the Division’s activities.

Become a Member

The Vancouver Division of Family Practice currently has more than 1,000 family doctors and resident members.

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If you are in need of finding a family doctor, please contact HealthLinkBC or call 8-1-1.
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