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Mental Health CSC Sub Committee

In partnership with the Collaborative Services Committee (CSC), the Mental Health Subcommittee is working to streamline and enhance the mental health care system in Vancouver and to improve the timeliness and responsiveness of referrals into Vancouver Coastal Health (VCH) Authority mental health programs.

The Mental Health Subcommittee is also a member of the Regional E-Mental Health Steering Committee which is focused on the development of an online ‘E-Mental Health Hub’. The hub is designed to offer the public increased access to mental health assessments and services.

The Mental Health Subcommittee has offered extensive consultation to the Vancouver Adult Mental Health Intake (VAMHI) redesign for their referral process so doctors become routinely notified of the receipt of their referrals and psychiatrists are encouraged to contact family doctors once they have met with the referred patient. The mental health landscape in Vancouver, through the voice and the influence of the Division, is in the process of being improved for both patients and doctors.

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