Vancouver Division of Family Practice

Retirement Support

The Vancouver Division retirement support work has helped over 37,000 patients through 12 practice takeovers and the patient transition of 25 family physician panels


Contact Information: or call 604-569-2010


How to Retire Guide

The Vancouver Division created this 52-page guide ​to help family doctors map out a plan for their retirement. Click here to download a PDF copy.



Who Do We Support?

  • Retiring family physicians in the city of Vancouver

  • Family physicians in the City of Vancouver closing their practice


How Can We Help You?


1) Family Physician Recruitment

  • If you are 6 months or more away from retirement/practice closure, we can help recruit for a family physician to take over your practice!

  • We advertise for your position on, SGP, and Health Match BC

  • If we find a suitable candidate, we will introduce them to you via e-mail

  • If an agreement is reached, we can help support the transition process by providing guidance on medical record stewardship, lease obligations, HR, and more!


If we are unable to find someone to take over your practice within 4 months of your closure date, we will move you to our second phase of support…


2) Patient Transition

  • We can help transition your patients to new care in their communities

  • Depending on physician availability, we may have capacity to support language needs

  • Our team can also help close down your practice and provide resources (i.e., medical record storage, best practices for notifying patients and specialists of your retirement, HR notification, etc.)


Sample Notification Letter Templates

The CPSBC recommends that retiring physicians notify their patients and colleagues at least 3 months in advance of their departure. Below are two of the templates included in the How to Retire Guide.

1) Patient Notification Letter:  This letter template was written for physicians who wish to notify their patients of their departure from practice who have not found someone to take over. Physicians working with the Vancouver Division to retire from practice will use a slightly different letter, and can contact the team for more information.

2) Specialist/Lab Notification Letter: Retiring physicians are advised to notify labs and specialists of their retirement date. Among the information included in this letter should be: your last day of practice and where to send results after that date. This letter has the basic information you should use to notify your colleagues.