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Working as a Family Doctor in Vancouver

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Personalized Clinic Matching Program

The Personalized Clinic Matching Program uses a relationship-based approach to match job seeking physicians with opportunities in the city of Vancouver. The Recruitment & Retention team works closely with over 85 clinics to determine their locum and permanent placement needs. We visit each and every clinic, so that we can provide an accurate representation of the clinic space, the amenities and the local community. We post clinic opportunities online at, SGP and Health Match BC. They are also shared individually with our internal pool of locums. This year, we have matched physicians to over 200 locum and permanent placements.


If you are interested in working with the R&R team to recruit locums or permanent physicians to your clinic, please contact us at From there we will set up a time for our team to visit your clinic and learn more about your recruitment needs.



Physicians interested in covering locum opportunities within the city of Vancouver, should please contact our team at Our team will then schedule a time for a brief intake interview over the phone. In this call, we will discuss your practice preferences including: availability, patient populations of interest, EMR preference and more. Our process is then to send you a selection of clinic opportunities that match your profile and connect you to the clinic leads for those opportunities in which you were interested.


The Recruitment & Retention team supports permanent GPs in several capacities. For more information about any of these supports, please contact us at
  • Permanent placement (Associate) – In addition to recruiting for locum opportunities, clinics in Vancouver also ask our team to recruit for permanent GP placements. Through our program, the initial process for physicians who are seeking a permanent placement, is the same as for those looking for locum opportunities: schedule an intake interview, review clinic opportunities, connect with clinic leads. Once you have secured a permanent position, our team can also help you to build your patient panel and support you through other practice management resources. (see below)
  • Permanent placement (Practice Takeover) – Another option for physicians who are looking for a permanent position is to take over a panel from a retiring physician. Our team supports retiring physicians (link) in a number of ways, including by recruiting for someone to take over their practice. For information on the pros and cons of taking over a practice, please read our blog post written for the Resident Doctors of BC.
  • Open a clinic Another opportunity for physicians to find a permanent placement, is to open their own clinic. The Practice Optimization team has developed resources and tools to help guide this process. More information can be found here.


Building your patient panel

There are two streams through which the GP Support team can help you to build your patient panel. The Recruitment and Retention team can transition controlled batches of patients from retiring physicians to your panel. How this works is when a retiring GP is not able to find someone to take over their practice, our team will transition their patients to new care. We allocate Vancouver-based patients to accepting physicians who are located within a 15-minute drive of their residence.
The other stream is an individualized approach and is coordinated by the the VDoFP’s Patient Attachment Initiative. More information about their process can be found here.

Living in Vancouver

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