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Primary Care System Redesign

“Family Doctors must work together to create the change we want to see in our system. Your Division is your voice. Your Board of Directors is elected by you, the members. The work of the Division is done by you, its members. Join us in this exciting time and let’s make a difference.”
​- Dr. Fiona Duncan, Board Chair, Vancouver Division of Family Practice & Vancouver Family Doctor
Drawing heavily from our GP members regarding the needs for their practices and recognizing the new direction of primary care in BC as outlined in the Ministry’s policy papers and the work of the GPSC, the Division, in partnership with our various stakeholders, has developed a comprehensive vision for establishing a primary care framework for networks in Vancouver both at the micro and macro levels.

The Vancouver Division undertook extensive research on Patient Medical Homes and Primary Care Networks both nationally and internationally to understand best practices in building the foundation for primary care reform. All findings, including information from our members, patients, Health Authority and community partners, place family physicians as the leaders of primary care reform. We fundamentally believe that family physicians should be empowered to be the driving force behind this change. Our goal is to create a primary care framework for the city that allows for the deployment of resources to increase capacity in local communities, improve access to primary care, and support physicians to continue to provide quality care for their patients.
​“Over the past few years the GPSC partners - the Ministry of Health, Health Authorities, and Doctors of BC - have been working together to establish the patient medical home and primary care networks as the foundation for an integrated system of patient care (the Target Operating Model). This work was further clarified through the vision laid out in the suite of Ministry policies developed in summer 2017 and will be continuing and deepening over the next year and beyond”
​ - Dr. Shelley Ross, Co-chair, GPSC and Ted Patterson, Co-Chair GPSC, Ministry of Health


Reference Papers

Frequently Asked Questions
Discussion around questions about the referendum has been valuable and is summarized in this document.

Primary Care System Change - Why Now?
A message from your Board Chair.

Developing a Primary Care Framework for Networks in Vancouver
Our goal is to create a framework for Vancouver that supports the change as set out in the overarching Ministerial policy papers and positions family physicians as leaders of primary care change.

Building a Meaningful Leadrship Model for Change
For successful and sustainable transformation, we believe that family physicians must be empowered to lead the process.

Ministry Papers
A PDF portfolio, referencing that the system will change and will do so soon.

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The Vancouver Division of Family Practice currently has more than 1,000 family doctors and resident members.

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