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Representation Policy

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Scope and Purpose

As the not-for-profit society established by and for Vancouver family physicians, the VDoFP is often called to submit representatives (nomination and/or delegates) for committees, taskforces, and working groups of external organizations. This policy covers the roles, responsibilities, selection, terms, and reimbursements of expenses of VDoFP representatives to external (host) organizations.

Roles and Responsibilities of the VDoFP Representative
The VDoFP representative to an external committee will abide by the following principles at all times when acting in his/her capacity as VDOFP representative to the external organization:

1. Participation at Meetings
The VDoFP representative is expected to be timely and attentive in attendance to meetings and participation therein. If a VDoFP representative is not able to attend a scheduled meeting due to an emergency, he/she should let the VDoFP office know as soon as possible such that an alternate arrangement can be made.

2. Pre-Meeting Report to Host Organization
When external organizations require reports regarding VDoFP news/updates, it is the responsibility of the VDoFP representative to ensure that this report is compiled appropriately and submitted in a timely fashion. The VDoFP representative should seek the support of the VDoFP office and President who serve as a resource on current and relevant VDoFP project areas.

3. Preparation for Meetings
The VDoFP representative should prepare for each external meeting in advance of attendance. At minimum, it is expected that the representative review pre-circulated documents, consult with relevant VDoFP executive/officers, and discuss the pertinent points with former VDoFP representatives to that external committee. VDoFP representatives should be well versed in VDoFP policy statements and position papers on topics of relevance to the external committee on which he/she sits.

Participation at Meetings
a) Representation of the VDoFP

  • When possible, the VDoFP representative should refer to VDoFP policies and position papers in representing the interest of Vancouver family physicians. In the case that the VDoFP does not have a policy or position paper on a particular topic of discussion, this should be communicated to the external organization.

b) Representation of Vancouver family physicians

  • The VDoFP representative must do his/her best to represent the interests of Vancouver family physicians. Appreciating there is a diversity of interest and opinions, various opinions should be stated and balanced when possible and necessary.
  • The VDoFP representative to the external committee must express fiduciary responsibility to VDoFP.

c) Representation of personal opinions and interests

  • When opportunity permits, the VDoFP representative may express personal opinions and interests to external committees. In the case that these opinions or interests differ from the opinions, interests, and best interest of Vancouver family physicians, the VDOFP, or the external organization - the discrepancy should be expressed explicitly to the external committee or organization.
  • A VDoFP representative should not represent his/her own opinion as that of the VDoFP or Vancouver family physicians, unless valid and explicitly stated as such.
  • The VDoFP representative should make known to the VDoFP Executive Committee any true or potential conflicts of interest that exist or may arise during his/her term as they appear or are anticipated to appear.

Meeting Report for VDoFP
VDoFP representatives must provide a short meeting summary report for each meeting he/she attends of the external committee. This report should be submitted to the VDoFP office within 2 weeks of the meeting.

Selection of Representatives

  • The VDoFP Board will decide, as they are developed, each VDoFP representative position taking into considerations the needs of the external organization, the function of the committee, and the structure of the VDoFP.
  • For one-time meetings, the VDoFP Board may choose to seek representation from the Executive Committee, the Board as a whole, or Vancouver family physicians membership list.

Term of Appointment
The term for any particular candidate will be one year unless specifically required by the host organization of the external committee and/or approved by the VDoFP Board.

Honoraria and Expenses
Any honoraria or expense reimbursement offered by the host organization for attendance at the meeting must be made payable directly to the VDoFP. Under no circumstances may the VDOFP Representative receive personal honoraria or expense reimbursement if remunerated by the VDoFP for attendance.

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