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The more your GP knows, the more your GP can help. Here’s why keeping your family doctor in the picture makes smart health sense:

Your GP is a specialist in family and general medicine
There is no one better qualified to provide comprehensive lifelong health care. Your GP is specifically trained to see to all your health care needs from pregnancy to end-of-life care and to be part of the health care team for treatment of serious diseases like cancer. They are your advocate in our health care system, and will help you navigate through it.

The centre of your health care
Your GP is the centre of a comprehensive network of health services and can refer you to other specialists or allied health professionals as required. Your GP will also communicate all pertinent information to other care providers, maintain your medical records, and ensure you receive follow up care.

A long-term relationship
Many GPs work lifelong with their patients. Research has shown that people who get regular care from a GP receive more preventative care, are more likely to be accurately diagnosed, and are generally healthier. (Starfield and Mackinko, 2005).

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