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How to access UpToDate
The knowledge system software, UpToDate®, is available for members of local divisions who are included in the calculation for infrastructure funding. To access UpToDate, go to or to your local division homepage, log in and click on the UpToDate menu item on the top navigation bar.

Use it on your mobile device
UpToDate Anywhere, an application which allows users to access UpToDate on mobile devices, is also available to those with an iPhone, iPad, Android device, or Windows 8 tablet.

Already purchased UpToDate? How to get reimbursed
Members who have already purchased UpToDate can apply to be reimbursed. Email UpToDate Customer Service or phone 1-800-998-6374 for further information.


The content is provided without warranties, nor does UpToDate warrant or make any representations regarding the use or the results of the use of the content in terms of its correctness, accuracy, reliability, or otherwise.

UpToDate Login, Registration, and Mobile Access Tip Sheet
Please see below for assistance with UpToDate, including screen shots and detailed explanations. 

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