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2017 Board Election & Annual General Meeting

On this webpage you will find important information for our members about the 2017 Annual General Meeting, to be held Thursday Oct 26 and ​an introduction to the candidates who have been acclaimed as new Board Members, through our successful election.  At this moment, you can find more detailed information about: 

If you have questions about any aspect of the 2017 Vancouver Division of Family Practice Annual General Meeting or Board Election, please email or call 604-569-2010.


Profiles of acclaimed Board Members

Welcome to the nominated candidates, who have been acclaimed to the VDoFP Board, and who will be brought forward at our Annual General Meeting, on Thursday October 26, for ratification by the members in attendance.  

Member Directors

Kelly Little

My Work in the Division:  I have been a member of the Vancouver Division of Family Practice since 2012, in 2015 increased my participation by joining the Continuity of Care Committee (CCC). The CCC’s mandate is to improve a patient’s journey through the healthcare system by improving communication between GPs, specialist, patients and health authorities. Our Committee has championed successful projects including the Dine & Learn Series where members engage with local specialists in a small-scale face-to-face setting. In addition to representing the Division on a number of projects, I was co-lead for the Internal Medicine Dine & Learn where our members met with six subspecialists to tackle challenging cases and network with colleagues. Through the CCC, I have been involved in the early work of the Division on the Patient Medical Home (PMH) initiative. 

My Clinical Practice: I am a family physician in Vancouver practicing since 2014, working in both acute care and community settings with interests in elder care and mental health. I provide house calls for frail homebound patients with HomeVIVE and primary care for patients admitted to Willow Pavilion and St. Paul’s Hospital. Prior to this I provided primary and addictions care in Vancouver’s inner city. Additionally, I teach residents and medical students and am the Designated Site-Specific Lead for the Care of the Elderly rotation at the St. Paul’s site. My clinical practice has been shaped by my passion to care for some of Vancouver’s most vulnerable populations.

My Passion to Represent You on the Board: It is exciting to be a GP in Vancouver as the Division operationalizes PMH. In a time of increasing patient complexity and with resources becoming increasingly scarce, it is primary care’s opportunity to shine. We have the capacity in Vancouver to be national leaders implementing this strategy, which will ultimately support GPs across Canada to continue to provide quality, cost-effective and efficient primary care. As your board member, I will use my previous experience within the Division, my clinical experiences across the acute and community settings and my systems knowledge to advance the PMH work of the Division and continue to support all of us to provide the care we know our patients need.

Robin Patyal

I am a Family Physician with formal focused training in Care of Elderly from UBC. I am in my first year of practice in Vancouver, which involves residential care; and locum work for older adult inpatients units (mainly Vancouver General Hospital) and a primary care team that visits homebound older adults in Vancouver. My current plan clinically is to serve unmet need for homebound elders in Vancouver and over next year expand to full service family medicine.

I have been involved with Vancouver Division since early 2017, participating as a general Family Physician member in discussion for Patient Medical Home, Residential care initiative, and as a learner at the Division’s IT workshops. 

As a Division board member, I hope to bring enthusiasm and skills for coordinating with local and provincial board partners to empower Family Physicians and Residents in Vancouver. I bring these skills from my current work as medical co-ordinator of a 90 bed residential care facility, previous chief resident work for UBC Enhanced Skills and previous leadership work in organizations such as CHIUS, Social Medicine, and Resident Doctors of BC.

After speaking with colleagues, I see following as Division’s top priorities:
  1. Realizing the new board governance structure.
  2. Realizing Division’s work on much awaited patient medical home, which will assist Family Physicians in caring for complex community patients (such as homebound elderly) while balancing work with personal lives.
  3. Liaising governance support to Division’s:
    • IT committee so that they can continue to work with partners to make IT tools more practical for busy Family Physicians. Issue 1, making EMR labs inbox less unwieldy. Issue 2, increasing CareConnect accessibility for community family physicians. Issue 3, promoting development of BC part of Canada-wide electronic prescribing. Issue 4, examining emerging need of EMRs to intercommunicate
    • Membership committee so that they can continue to engage partners to address barriers facing new Family Medicine graduates in taking on full service practices of retiring family physicians.

I hope the above meets your approval. As a board member, I hope to continually work with you.

Jay Slater

Although I have not had a formal leadership role with the Division, I was part of the early deliberations concerning this Division’s goals and priorities, how it would be organized and how it would meet the needs of Vancouver’s FP’s and their patients. I have advised the Division on issues of home care of frail elders and the primary care home. I’ve participated in and benefited from educational events organized by the Division.

I have been a FP in Vancouver since 1990. My clinical interests have evolved over the years and include inner city health, addictions and mental health, palliative care, and care of elders. I have practiced in an office setting as a full service FP, as a hospitalist, as a palliative care provider and consultant (in hospice and in residential care facilities) and, since 2008 as a member of a home-based primary care practice serving frail elders (Home VIVE).

I’ve held several leadership roles including FP ward Medical Manager, Head of the hospitalist program (VGH), physician lead for Bloom Group hospice doctors, Medical Manager of the STAT Centre (VGH) and Home VIVE, and Medical Director VCH Community Geriatric programs.  I have maintained a role in teaching medical students and FP residents throughout my years in practice. 

Top priorities for the Division should include:
  1. Engaging and supporting FP’s with sometimes diverse interests and practices to form functional networks in order to better care for their patients. Networking (including interdisciplinary team members) will provide opportunities for collaboration to improve and enhance full service practice. This will be part of the evolution towards primary care homes (PCH).
  2. Assuring, as both the FP and the patient demographics in Vancouver shift, that collectively we have the resources to provide quality, sustainable health care. This requires the Division, on behalf of its membership, to continue working creatively with the health authority and the government to support a wide range of practices.
  3. Exploration and advocacy around the social determinants of health. Issues of poverty, food and housing security, even climate change influence the wellbeing of our own patients and the wider community.

Annual General Meeting Registration

Who: VDoFP members, Partners and Invited guests

What: Our fifth Annual General Meeting (AGM) will take place on Thursday Oct 26, 2017, from 6:00pm to 9:30pm at the beautiful Bill Reid Gallery in Downtown Vancouver!

We encourage all VDoFP Members to attend the AGM to stay connected on the important news and activities of your Division. You will hear from our Directors and Guest Speakers who will provide you with a fulsome picture of the Division’s work this past year, as well as what's to come in the future.

When: Thursday Oct 26, 2017 | 6:00pm – 9:30pm

(Details of the evening to be confirmed, but the official AGM will likely take place 6:30pm- 7:30pm)

Bill Reid Gallery - 639 Hornby St, Vancouver



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