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Please read below for important information about the 2019 Annual General Meeting (AGM), to be held Thursday Oct 24. If you have questions about the AGM, please call 604-569-2010 or email


Regular Board Position Candidate Statements

Dr. Kelly Little

Dr. Kelly LittleFor the last year I have sat as your Vice-Chair on the Board and as a Board director since 2017. Prior to this I was a member of the Continuity of Care Committee which guided the early work on Patient Medical Home (PMH) development. It has been humbling to see this work move forward and now be at a place of implementation in our community. This work is challenging but aims to be the sustainable change that is needed for a strong primary care system across Vancouver.

I am a family physician in Vancouver practicing since 2014, working in both acute care and community settings with interests in elder care and mental health. I provide house calls for frail homebound patients with HomeVIVE and primary care for patients admitted to Willow Pavilion. I also work in VGH emergency with a team whose goal is to avoid unnecessary admissions for frail seniors. Prior to this I provided primary and addictions care in Vancouver’s inner city. I teach both residents and medical students, am site lead for the Care of the Elderly rotation at the St. Paul’s site and the Director of Community Geriatrics within the UBC Department of Family Practice. My clinical practice has been shaped by my passion to care for some of Vancouver’s most vulnerable patients.

I have always felt a particular desire to ensure the work of our Division puts our patients first while maintaining a focus on physician wellness. As we enter the implementation phase of this PMH work, there will be times of uncertainty and change – all of which are normal and expected. A critical element of this work is for Board Directors to stop and ask, “Does this make sense for our patients, for us as clinicians and for the healthcare system as a whole?” I have felt my role in our Division is to actively listen to members and bring their voices to the Board table, ensure optimal decision making regardless of external pressures and to align PMH implementation with our Strategic Priorities. I will continue to do the same should I have the opportunity to serve you again.



Dr. Robin Patyal 

Dr. Robin PatyalDear colleagues/friends,

I am a made-in-BC Family Physician in my 3rd year of practice in a wide variety of primary care Geriatrics and Palliative care in clinics, Geriatric Rehab hospital ward, outreach to homebound elderly through home visits, residential care facilities, and Older adult tertiary mental health facilities. When I am not practicing, I am with family enjoying the beautiful BC outdoors on my bicycle, stroking a canvas with a paintbrush or hitting some vocal musical notes.

In the past 2 years, I have had a humbling time as member of the board of the Division – after the Division’s Family Physician members overwhelmingly supported to move ahead with primary care change in the 2018 referendum, the board and Division’s hardworking staff have collaborated with membership to set the early stage for primary care change; however, far more exciting times where the membership will actively drive the primary care change in their areas lie just on the horizon. In these changing times and in the next 2 years on the Division’s board, I hope to bring skills in facilitative governance and financial literacy in managerial accounting honed through first year of Masters of Health Administration program that I have undertaken at UBC on weekends over the last year while practicing full time during the week. Additionally, I will bring insights in Quality improvement acquired through VCH+PHC Physician Led Quality Improvement Initiative.

Moving forward, I feel the top three priorities for the Division’s board would include: firstly, facilitating Family Physicians to drive primary care change in their local areas through establishment of patient centered medical home teams and primary care networks with strong communication linkages with Urban Primary Care centres, Acute care settings and Community health centres that preserve longitudinal essence of Family Medicine. Secondly, achieving more effective two-way communication between the Division’s board and members during primary care change so that Family Physicians are heard and have a chance to contribute to solutions, thereby enhancing their wellness. Thirdly, responsibly encouraging IT development so that it becomes less cause of burnout for Family Physicians. Humbly, I submit for Division’s board member elections.

Yours Truly,


Dr. Jay Slater

Dr. Jay SlaterIt's been an honour serving on the Vancouver Division of FP's board for the past two years, most recently as board chair and as secretary/treasurer in the year prior. These are both exciting and challenging times as primary care is changing provincially. Planning for these changes while ensuring Vancouver's FPs are supported, engaged and valued is central to the Division's work and to my own "mission".

I've been a practicing Family Physician in Vancouver for almost thirty years working in various settings – full service in the Downtown East Side for ten years, hospitalist at VGH for eight years (from the time of that program's inception) home-based primary care of frail elders (Home VIVE program) since 2008, palliative MRP role in two of Vancouver's hospices, and palliative consultant to long term care facilities. I've held several leadership roles - VGH ward manager, hospitalist program lead, medical director VGH geriatric programs and physician lead for Cottage and May's hospices. I have experienced the benefits and drawbacks of several compensation models – fee for service, service contract and APP sessions. I've also been a board member of a non-profit community organization and sat on several advisory groups.

The coming months and years will see incremental and ultimately dramatic shifts in how primary care is delivered, with enhancements and partnerships aimed at improving care and access. The Division's priorities should be: 1. Supporting our members to provide quality care by engaging them to be involved and foundational in any anticipated primary care design. In order for FPs to feel supported the Division needs to provide timely, accessible information and provide a mechanism for feedback in real time. We also need to address the very real issues of physician wellness and burnout through the work we do. 2. The Division needs to continue working on access and attachment for patients, at the centre of the healthcare system, and engage them in meaningful ways to influence system design. 3. We need to continue to build effective relationships with our partners. Moving beyond PMH’s into the shared space of networks will require strong collaboration on many fronts.


Resident Board Position Candidate Statement

Dr. Jesse Kancir

Dr. Jesse KancirThe ongoing changes in primary care occurring in Vancouver are significant and exciting, and I'm eager to continue my Board involvement as it actively engages in this transformation.

Recently, I've completed my Family Medicine training at the University of British Columbia, and served as the 2018-2019 Resident Member of the VDoFP Board. In the past year, I've been impressed with the efforts of the Board, the strength of the organization, and a commitment to its membership. This is an institution that deeply cares about individual patients, family physicians, and the health system. The work has been meaningful, and I'm keen to continue to grow and contribute in the capacity of a full Family Practice Member Director.

In terms of what I can offer, I have extensive board and governance skills, developed both by experience and formal education. I've been certified through the Institute for Corporate Directors (ICD) with the Not-for-profit Director course, funded through the Sandra Banner Student Award for Leadership by the Canadian Residency Matching System to further develop my leadership skills. Over the past decade, I've served on numerous boards, now currently with the Association of Faculties of Medicine of Canada (AFMC). Though early in my career, I believe I have purposefully developed my leadership around Not-For-Profit board engagement, and have a solid understanding of strategy, governance, and risk assessment.

Throughout my term on the Division, I believe the priorities of the organization are to steward the development of primary care networks that are rooted in the best interest of patients and providers, to grow meaningful physician engagement with the available programs and resources offered by VDoFP, and to work constantly to ensure patients have access to the primary care services they need.

Thanks for considering my candidacy. The work of family physicians matter, and it would be a privilege to help advance our collective impact as doctors through the Division.


Annual General Meeting Registration

Who: Vancouver Division members, partners and invited guests

What: Our sixth Annual General Meeting (AGM) will take place on Thursday Oct 24, 2019, from 6:00pm to 9:30pm at the fun and educational Science World!

We encourage all Vancouver Division members to attend the AGM to stay connected on the important news and activities of your Division. You will hear from our Directors and guest speakers who will provide you with a fulsome picture of the Division’s work this past year, as well as what's to come in the future.

When: Thursday Oct 24, 2019 | 6:00pm – 9:30pm

(Details to be confirmed, but the official AGM will likely take place from 6:30pm – 7:30pm)

Science World at TELUS World of Science - 1455 Quebec St, Vancouver, BC V6A 3Z7

Cost/Accreditation: Free 


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