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Five Mental Health Signs To Look Out For This Holiday Season

The holiday season can be difficult for many, be aware of mental health signs to seek help. VCH Access and Assessment Centre is open 24/7, for walk-ins and calls. Click here for information.

B.C. embracing medical assistance in dying

Doctor-assisted death isn't an easy decision. To help family doctors understand the process and inform their patients VDoFP engaged 56 physicians on Nov 2 in a case-study presentation, MAiD: What Every Family Physician Needs to Know.  

Number of B.C. doctors growing but work-life balance means fewer patient visits, worsening access

More reason for push towards PMH & team-based care which increases access and capacity. Physician capacity isn't based on work/life balance, but the demographics and care needs of their patient panel. VDoFP helps members identify their optimum capacity.  Ask us how we can help.


Annual Report 2016/17

Click here to download the VDoFP Annual Report and learn about the work being done at Vancouver Division. 

This Holiday Season, Choose the Right Care at the Right Place

Holidays can lead to confusion for patients as to how to access primary care and tend to lead to increased visits to the ER and admissions to the hospital. We have partnered with Vancouver Coastal Health and Providence Health to develop messaging for GP offices both to provide direction for patients as to how to access care and to ensure GPs are aware of those services which remain available from VCH over the holidays.  Click here to view and download the material we've developed, and consider printing out the sign to post in your clinic.

Changes to GPSC Incentive Fees in 2018 

(G14070 & G14071; G14015, G14016, G14017) and GPSC Portal fees (G14070 & G14071)
With the goal of better supporting improved access to care and quality of care for patients, the GPSC has introduced changes to some physician incentive fees. The changes were made in response to physician input and to support the goal of expanding and enhancing team-based care. The majority of changes came into effect as of October 1, with additional changes coming as of January 1, 2018, including those for the GPSC Portal (G14070) or GPSC Locum Portal fee (G14071), and for billing of G14070/71. For information on recent and upcoming changes to the GPSC incentives, visit the GPSC website.

Accept New Patients Through the Patient Attachment Initiative & Take Advantage of New Incentives

The GPSC has revised their Mental Health Incentive codes to acknowledge the crucial role GPs have in supporting patients with mental illness and addictions. The Patient Attachment Initiative is looking for new GP partners to take on patients through our program. We receive detailed referrals from Vancouver-based Acute and Community sources, and match patients to your practice. We enable you to build your practice the way you choose by adding a variety of patients, including patients with mental illness, and new mothers and babies, at your discretion. Please contact Catherine Addison for more information.

Vancouver Division Access to Telephone Interpreting Services

The Division has signed up for members to access on-demand phone interpreting services as part of the Provincial Language Service‚Äôs pilot project. The services are voluntary and at no cost to VDoFP members. Your toll free number and access information are:  
TFN: 1 844 350 8224 | Access Code: 3894

Click here to view and download a quick reference for access, FAQ of the service, a list of languages offered, a point-to-language card, and the terms of service details which have been agreed to.

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