Victoria Division of Family Practice

Careers - Why Should You Work in Victoria?

Victoria is the province of British Columbia’s capital city, located at the southernmost tip of Vancouver Island. The West Coast climate, impressive landscape, and well-balanced mix of urban, cultural, educational, and employment options make Victoria an attractive choice for those wishing to pursue a career in family medicine. Whether you choose running a solo practice or working in a tertiary hospital, Victoria offers what you're looking for. The University of British Columbia Faculty of Medicine has a satellite Island Medical Program housed at the University of Victoria, so you could also add academia to your community profile. In addition to its range of opportunities for physicians, the city provides a wide variety of employment options for spouses, and high-quality schools from primary through post-secondary. Victoria provides something for the whole family.

Please contact Helen Welch or Jo-Anne Beeren-Parsons for more information on opportunities in Victoria:


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