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"The launch of Pathways has shown the highest and fastest level of engagement of our members of any new initiative the Division has undertaken." Dr. Kathy Dabrus, Physician Lead for Pathways

Following a highly successful launch at the Victoria Division AGM on November 16, 2016, over 400 local GPs and MOAs are now using Pathways to:

  • View up-to-date information about specialists and clinics in your community
  • Access current referral forms specific to the specialist or clinic you are referring to...Coming soon EMR forms.
  • Email secure (from a no reply email) health information to your patients
  • See important health news/updates from the Medical Health Officer (MHO) and others
Pathways was created by physicians for physicians and their office staff to improve patient referrals to specialists and clinics.

Pathways is a provincial database that provides up-to-date information about specialist wait times, referral processes, and contact methods. Developed by GPs in the Fraser Valley, Pathways has enabled physicians in communities across the province to collect and enter local data, which will then be available to all family physicians in participating divisions. Since its inception, Pathways continues to spread throughout the Province and is being launched first on Vancouver Island through the Victoria Division.

Within seconds - literally - you have access to reliable and credible information about:

More information about Pathways:

97% of users report that Pathways has improved the referral process. Read more of Pathways' evaluation summary >


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NEW: Pathways Community Services Launched March 26, 2018!

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