Community of Practice

The Division, in partnership with PITO, supports a local Community of Practice (CoP). Over the last year, the CoP has worked with family physicians and their support staff to optimize their use of EMRs. Education sessions and one-on-one tutorials have occurred between the PITO supports and local family practices. Two "Tips & Tricks" events were held, led by Dr. André Bredenkamp. In-practice coaching sessions also took place.

The Division supports the optimal use of EMRs for a number of reasons. The literature on EMR adoption demonstrates physicians using an EMR assume a more active role in clarifying information, encouraging questions and ensuring completeness at the end of a patient visit. The adoption of EMRs also requires in-office collaboration encouraging physicians to work more closely with their RNs and MOAs to ensure the effective transition from paper to an electronic environment.

All interested health care providers are encouraged to join the CoP. In the coming year, the Division will be working with its partners, PITO and Intrahealth, to develop improved EMR forms and templates, e-referral processes, to provide more education and training opportunities in the community.