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If you are a White Rock-South Surrey resident and do not have a family doctor, call the Central Registry at 604 531-3111 for a referral.

If required, a nurse practitioner will conduct a health screening and/or staff will help match you with a family doctor in our community. This process is conducted through our Primary Care Access Clinic, located in the Berkley Pavilion at Peace Arch Hospital, 15476 Vine Avenue, White Rock.


Your Partner in Health

Having a regular family doctor can help keep you healthier. Over time, your doctor gets to know you and your medical history. This knowledge makes it easier to diagnose concerns, order the right tests or refer you to the best person to help address your health issues.

Do you need a
family doctor?

Call the Central Registry at 


A family doctor is a main partner in your total health care.

Lifelong care from a family doctor is good for your health.

Please call only if you live in White-Rock South Surrey and do not currently have a family doctor.

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