Attachment: A GP for Me

As one of three divisions in BC prototyping A GP for Me, (also known as the Attachment initiative), the WRSS Division has made significant progress towards its goal of ensuring that anyone who needs a family doctor in the community will have one. A major focus of this work is also on improving support to family physician offices and patient care in the community through the Division’s integrated practice coaching project, multidisciplinary grants to practices, enhanced access to multidisciplinary providers, recruitment efforts, and our community locum program. The Division has also developed a vision for the Primary Care Access Clinic (PCAC) to act as the central point for coordinating the attachment of patients to local GPs. The PCAC also provides team-based care to unattached patients upon discharge from hospital or ER or for those who require urgent follow-up due to chronic or complex medical conditions. Another project this year was the establishment of a new family practice office at Uptown Medical Clinic, so now there are several family physicians in the community actively accepting patients.   

Dr. Brenda Hefford, physician lead for Attachment, and Jennifer Scrubb, strategic projects consultant, continue to lead this work along with input from the Attachment Working Group, the board of directors, and community physicians. Regular brainstorming and information sessions, in-practice meetings, docs lounge discussions, and a comprehensive electronic physician survey have ensured broad input from all our physician practices.

The Division’s Attachment work is part of the overall re-design of primary care in White Rock-South Surrey and is also supported by the Integrated Primary and Community Care work of the Health Authority. Planning for the Attachment work of the Division and the integration work of the Health Authority is supported by the Collaborative Services Committee (CSC), a group of senior level representatives from the Division, Fraser Health Authority (FHA), Doctors of BC, and the Ministry of Health (MoH). The Provincial Attachment Working Group (PAWG) continues to be the focus for collaboration with the other two attachment communities, Prince George and Cowichan Valley. Dr. Hefford is the co-chair of PAWG along with Kyle Pearce, provincial executive lead for “A GP for Me.” In the coming months, we hope to deepen partnerships and engagement with community groups and patients.