Integrated Practice Support Initiative

As one of three communities prototyping BC’s Attachment initiative, “A GP for Me,” the Division was invited by the General Practice Services Committee (GPSC) to test a new way of partnering with Fraser Health’s PSP as well as PITO. PSP provides opportunities to family physicians and their staff to increase their knowledge and awareness of office improvements and new chronic disease management guidelines/strategies by offering accredited learning modules (e.g. mental health, end of life care) supported by in-practice improvement coaching in the community. PITO, on the other hand, works closely with physicians to help support them in their adoption and use of EMRs.

Recognizing the potential for synergy, these two initiatives, in partnership with the Division, will collaborate to provide support to family physicians and will coordinate their activities to maximize their combined effort. This integrated, flexible approach will help local family practices to optimize clinical workflows and efficiencies, and improve overall capacity in practices, contributing to enhanced access to quality primary care services for all patients in the community. To date, the team has visited and provided coaching support to seven local practices. The types of support being provided include developing registries in Profile (the EMR used by the majority of local physician practices), maximizing billing using EMR tools, exploring team building in the practice and developing a “made for WRSS” adult mental health module.